ZTE Grand X Max Plus Review! Best Budget Smartphone?

ZTE Grand X Max Plus Review! Best Budget Smartphone?


Review of the ZTE Grand X Max Plus smartphone phablet from Cricket Wireless.

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  1. THIS IS THE WORST PHONE EVER DO NOT BUY EVEN IF IT IS FREE. the volume goes in and out, the phone turns on and off randomly, it won't let you delete apps you do not use. three people in my family have this phone and it has happened to each phone IT IS HORRIBLE.

  2. I like this one better than the new ZTE pro

  3. how to verify a Google account

  4. my phone freeze up what should I do

  5. is the speaker on this phone loud??

  6. Sup yo! Neat Work! tame tart What's your opinion about that

  7. I had this phone for a couple of days now and it's great. I love the size and it's features. I paid only $164.00 for it from cricket. that included tax and activation. I have had cricket services for a couple of years now and the services work great. I haven't had any problems. I pay $60.00 a month for 20gbs with everything unlimited.

  8. I tested video on this smartphone!

  9. I just traded my old phone for this and wind up paying only $95for it. There are so many features that I am still learning how to use. I was trying to find the ISO feature of the camera but I can't find it yet. I tell you… the phone is HUGEEEE. Everyone at work was asking if it's a tablet.. lol. …I am loving it.

  10. Hello, I'm thinking of getting this phone.. Do you think it's worth it?

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