Zagg Invisibleshield Glass + Luxe 360 For iPhone X Unboxing, Installation and Review

Zagg Invisibleshield Glass + Luxe 360 For iPhone X Unboxing, Installation and Review


Zagg Invisibleshield Glass + Luxe 360 For iPhone X, Unboxing, Installation and Review


  1. The camera cutout back slightly exposed is for the side bumper!! The bumper hides that area where the screen doesn’t.

  2. Would u recommend this over the belkin glass?

  3. @Big Unbox – thx for the review. Next time leave airplane mode off and just type 'about:blank' into Safari for a blank white page! 🙂

  4. Dude, I feel like you’re doing a lot of “extra talking” good content but a bunch of extra words….

  5. Why not use the installation tray for the back ?

  6. The border stripe is so ugly

  7. I don't care for screen protectors with painted borders.

  8. You keep doing it wrong. You make sure you run the bubbles out before removing the outer plastic! This way you don't scratch the screen protector. Once the bubble are out, you then remove it

  9. Does this dude not realize those wings on the rope sticky tape are for holding and placing the screen protector downs and for removing the adhesive cover off lol he made it so much more difficult on himself

  10. I’m concerned about the silver border on the back not matching my space grey iPhone X

  11. Someone didn’t read directions correctly… that’s what those tabs are for. So you can hold onto them and guide the glass over your phone correctly… NOOB

  12. It's this compatible with the rhinoshields mod case????…

  13. did they discontinue this because i can't find it anywhere

  14. I'm sorry to say but the intro was pretty much irritating and your voice through out the video exaggerating "That" "Match" I find it really annoying.

  15. Yes it does. I’m using Apple leather case and the folio too

  16. Would it work which a mod case from rhinoshield?

  17. Do you think the back glass would supply enough protection to not use a case at all? I have the Zagg privacy for the front I don’t wanna stop using but want to use the phone without a case. I use a Apple silicone case daily so it’s not like I have a ton of protection on it now.

  18. I love Zagg been using them forever, I been going to them at my mall and they already know me lol worth the money

  19. Mine came with a bottle of Shield Spray and the instructions tell you to apply a generous amount of this solution to the adhesive side of the InvisiShield. Thankfully I did the back first and did as the instructions said but I regret doing that because it looks like crap. Don't know if I used too much or what but I didn't use it on the front and it looks great except for a small crack that occurred when I was peeling that thick plastic piece off of it. Good thing it has a lifetime warranty. So if yours comes with the spray solution, use at your own risk!

  20. Why not use tabs to lower the glass?

  21. Does the painted black frame on the screen protector actually cover any of the screen edges or is it a perfect match?

  22. This by far is the best iPhone X glass protector. I installed mine 2 days ago and it’s very nice. You can definitely feel and see it’s premium quality. Also feels incredibly good in the hands and also his case friendly which that surprised me the most

  23. If you have a otter box defender it won’t work the screen protector pushes up when snapping the clips in place

  24. Do you think it will work with a bumper style case?

  25. Great video. Was holding of on ordering the screen protector and I finally did yesterday so I'm glad you made this video. Can't wait to get my Luxe 360

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