YU Yureka Review – Best smartphone under Rs. 10000

YU Yureka Review – Best smartphone under Rs. 10000


YU Yureka full review with a look at its issues, camera, performance, hardware, gaming and software. The Yu Yureka comes with 4G LTE support, 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM running Cyanogen OS 11. It comes with 13 MP Rear Camera, 5 MP front camera and a 2500 mAh battery.

Jump to any part of the Yu Yureka review from here:

1. Intro (00:06)
2. Build (00:36)
3. Display (02:18)
4. Network & Call Quality (03:16)
5. Camera (03:43)
6. Music Playback (04:55)
7. Video Playback (05:40)
8. Software (06:13)
9. Web Browsing (08:39)
10. Performance (08:57)
11. Gaming (09:15)
12. Battery-life (09:39)
13. Wrap-up (09:55)

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  1. this phone is made for playing god ( installing custom rom and kernel)……without custom ROM and kernel…..it overheats and battery battery 😅

  2. in camera,gaming which is better this one or honor 4x

  3. PHone Bunch is the best channel for reviews that are genuine

  4. Hi abhinav sir can you suggest me any android gaming phone under 10000

  5. hi PB, its not understandable, that this yuphoria/yureka performs so well, [checked with some of my acquaintances], yet top reviewers say some fault which is suspicious about the reality, because same happens with coolpad dazen 1, its the otherwaybround with xiaomi redmi [not appreciated by my acquaintances, but media reviewers], why this kind of prejudice, even personally i have seen xiaomi faulted many times after usage of within some days or weeks

  6. Hello sir I am a bit confused on which phone to buy whether yureka or yuphoria will you suggest me a better phone in both day to day usage and gaming,camera etc I'll be waiting for your reply!!!

  7. Does the phone really heat very much even on normal use??Will the cyanogen OS 12.1 update able to tackle it???

  8. Should i go for the yureka or the lenovo a7000 ??
    Pls help

  9. U hav any idea about selling old phone… Because i brought canvas 4 for 9000rs 1 month later

  10. on 0.09 what you said "buts it completely different entity"….. i think it should be "but its completely new entity

  11. hi ,sir i like your all your review sir.sir pls  tell me that micromax canvas 2 colours is best or yu yureka is best in terms of games and genral usage because the phone should no heat up which phone does not heat a lot sir pls replay

  12. I buyed canvas 4 for 9000rs…

  13. Are you sure that all yurekas from Feb will have that proximity sensor issue fixed ? I have ordered one yesterday, Will it have that issue fixed ??? will it have the update or I would have to install that update manually ??? 

  14. is your phone facing the proximity sensor issues and the bugs…?
    plzz tell me about that as i m interested in buying this phone

  15. Here's our #Review of the YU Yureka, its a great offering under Rs. 10,000 especially with an upcoming #Lollipop update –  #YUPlayGod #YUYureka

  16. +PhoneBunch can you do a benchmark test of this phone would really love to see it. Great video as always

  17. It is true that u got 1 day of battery life because some people r telling that there battery drains out easily

  18. May this be superb phone, but sad part is App Data cannot be moved to SD Card. Play with provided ROM of 12 GBs… 😛

  19. Now you have also put your hands on Cyanogen OS and also tasted the taste of stock Android,MIUI,Asus UI and Vibe UI. Now tell me which one is best in using Low space both in Rom and Ram. Also tell which have best customization ?

  20. please tell me the yu yureka or the asus zenfone5 is better???

  21. Nice video bro and which is best 1+1 or xiaomi mi4? And buy tab buget 8k exact and want hd camera with led flash waiting for your reply thanks

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