YIKES… – LifeProof SLAM Review – iPhone XS and iPhone 8

YIKES… – LifeProof SLAM Review – iPhone XS and iPhone 8


I’ll be honest with you, it’s been interesting watching Lifeproof evolve from just being a waterproof case manufacturer to whatever it is now. The LifeProof Next was a decent case that I enjoyed using but I can’t say the say the same for the Slam.

The Slam handles poorly as the case is quite slick and the buttons are just awful to use. For my LifeProof Slam Review, I’ve given the case a score of 3.3 Eh’s out of 5. The poor handling of the iPhone inside the case is just a drag for the score.

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From a design perspective, I do have to agree with LifeProof’s marketing fluff regarding the slim and sleekness of the Slam. It is one of the thinnest cases that I’ve come across for the iPhone’s in the last couple of years but it is also one of the widest. Can’t have it all I guess.

The case will add a 1/2 cm of thickness to each side of the iPhone so if you’re already struggling to use your iPhone 8 Plus in one hand, this might not be the case for you. Or get this case and stick and Pop Socket or Ungrip on the back of the case.

When it comes to the iPhone 10, the the extra width might not be as noticeable but the texture of the case will be as you’ll have a lot of trouble accessing the top of the screen with the Slam. The texture on the front of the case isn’t bad but the back is slick so when you’re jostling your iPhone in an attempt to reach the top, it will slide out of your hand.

The LifeProof Slam does feel solid and it feels like it can take a hit. The clear back is a nice feature to show off the color of your rose gold iPhone 8 Plus BUT it will slide around like a wet bar of soap. The clear back will also show wear and tear a little quicker than other cases.

It always seems odd that companies would design a tough case with a finish that scuffs easily. When it comes to colors, LifeProof has 4 different combinations. The case in the video is called Aloha Sunset. I’m not a colors guy but this doesn’t very Aloha to me. And I’d know because with a dark enough tan, I’ve been mistaken as an Hawaiian.

When it comes to functionality, be prepared to be frustrated when it comes to accessing your iPhone in the LifeProof Slam. The buttons on the case are incredibly tough to use. How tough? Watch how much I have to press down on the sleep button in order to access the button. I’m almost pushing past the edge of the case. This is ridiculous in my opinion.

The mute switch isn’t terrible to access through the wide case and the lightning port is large enough to use 3rd Party cables. The camera and flash aren’t inhibited and screen accessibility is quite decent.

I will note that Slam is going to offer better dust or crud protection than the average case. All the parts of the iPhone that are exposed such as the mute switch, speakers and port are sealed quite well. Most cases won’t have this design feature so it is worth pointing out.

But then LifeProof decided to leave a slight gap between the camera area and the back of the case.

The biggest question I had with the SLAM is whether or not the case would come apart after several consective drops. The LifeProof Next and Nuud both came apart after 2 drops so I was curious to know if the SLAM was going to be the same.

The LifeProof Next is a far superior case but it will cost you a bit more. The standout difference between the two cases is that the Next is a little tougher as it offers slightly better dust protection around the camera area and it actually allows you to use your iPhone. It also handle much better than the SLAM but it will cost your an extra 20 dollars so you’ll have to figure out if those mild differences are worth the price increase.

I will add that LifeProof’s return policy on broken cases is pretty solid which is one of the biggest reasons to get their cases. If it breaks, you’ll probably get a new one if you pay for the shipping.

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  7. I like my slam case for the iPhone X. It is a naked version of the fre. I couldn’t stand the fre screen protector anymore, or the window covering my camera it makes my photos glare. I Left a comment on life proof facebook page asking if they made the slam case more waterproof, dirt proof , snow proof, drop proof. That would be the ultimate case.

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