Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review – The New Best Budget Smartphone of 2017?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review – The New Best Budget Smartphone of 2017?


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review – The New Best Budget Smartphone of 2017? Get it here: http://geni.us/OMUZya or here: http://geni.us/nObRKW
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  1. I know this is old video but I really wanna know. If I apply tempered glass screen protector on it will it get halo effect due to its 2.5d glass? thanks in advance 😊

  2. Great video 😀 Thanks for uploading, I just got myself this phone, can¡t wait to unbox it!

  3. gonna buy this phone in a couple of days

  4. Great Review! I think you're The Most Underrated Tech channel because that "HD" xD

  5. whats the difference between note 4 and 4x?

  6. My Note 4 has no Sony258 but some samsung sensor. I feel cheated. Photos are poor.

  7. Has anyone gotten the Nougat update with this phone? Xiaomi seems to be rolling it out kind of slow.

  8. which is better redmi pro or this

  9. Great review as always! I have recently buyed this phone on gearbest, but on information it says that is the redmi note 4 (like yours) and on the sensors I have find that is a samsung sensor over the advertised sony. Why, what sensor is yours? The outside is equal of your phone and it is a snapdragon 625… If you can, can you explain me, because I am confused… thank you.

  10. I'm tossing between xiaomi redmi note 4x and the xiaomi redmi note 4. Which one is better.

  11. Excellent review, thank you.
    This phone does not have an app launcher but I have installed one called Evie. My problem is trying to get apps on the home screen, for instance You Tube is installed by default but I can only get to it by using Evie – or am I missing something. Help appreciated.
    Another thing to beware of: I bought this phone in the UK from a UK distributer (thus avoiding import tax). Upon switching on I was asked for my language (English United Kingdom) then asked for my country. Almost all other countries are listed but not United Kingdom. I am told that this is because the phone is not sold in this country.

  12. Cannot buy from bangood i cannot register because of the stupid captcha ,so i have to go to other sites which is easy and no nonsens.

  13. hi, what camera sensor is on your 4x model? those pics look damn sharp

  14. so, i can buy a charger 3.0 and connect it to this xiaomi phone whithout dammaging the battery ?

  15. in your opinion which one better, it or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ?

  16. It only has Cortex-A53 cores in it's CPU. I'll probably rather get the Mediatek version of Redmi Note 4.

  17. so the note 4 has all metal build whilst the 4x doesn't…? is the material same?…

  18. Why is xiaomi redmi note 4x better than the redmi note 4?

  19. top and bot in the back is made of plastic because of better gps and wifi signal

  20. This or the Redmi Note 3 Pro?

  21. hi linus.i own the redmi note 4. i love the phone but i believe this model the global edition has 800mhz band 20 and a better camera.would you say the camera is definetly an improvment on the original redmi 4 and will my reception benefit with the use of 800mhz as my provider 3 in uk does use this band.

  22. need NFC… even if that means slightly more expensive phone

  23. where can I get a charger which can power up my phone faster

  24. Do you think 4x is better than inifix note 3 pro?

  25. anyone knows any good phone for mobile legend??? is xiaomi note 4x a good one???

  26. Does this phone work in the US and does it support 4g lte?

  27. they made plastic part of back cover for better reception.

  28. xiaomi redmi note 4x vs asus zenfone 3 max 5.5.. which is much better?

  29. Idk why I love his review, he deserve the diamond play button!

  30. @TechlineHD Thank you for this informative review.
    Which would you recommend better ? The Redmi Note 4x or the Redmi Note 3 Pro ?
    Unsure due to different processors.

  31. Bought the phone after watching this video

  32. Just bought it today the 3/32 gb silver gray variant for 157$. I think it will be a best buy for me.

  33. My redmi note 4 mtk model is full metallic body and doesn't have these plastic parts as in your model.
    only the snapdragon models coming with plastic with them.

  34. Am the only one noticed the yellow cat on the sofa behind him at the end of the video? Good review by the way:)

  35. Redmi note 4, Redmi Pro or this one Redmi 4X? I need phone quick.Please replay man: Thanks

  36. Hi, overall which is better? redmi note 4x or redmi note 4? thanks.

  37. so what is the difference between redmi note 4x and redmi note 4(snapdragon variant). They seem the same to me

  38. i have a redmi note 4 global version snapdragon, are they both the same tempered glass and back cover with redmi note 4x?

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