Xiaomi Mi6 Review – Best Xiaomi Phone Yet?

Xiaomi Mi6 Review – Best Xiaomi Phone Yet?


Xiaomi Mi6 Review http://www.mobilegeeks.com The Xiaomi Mi6 is the latest one hand friendly smartphone from Xiaomi. This smartphone is high end with great specs and a very reasonable price point. We review this new Smartphone.

Buy the Mi6 here: https://tradingshenzhen.com/mi-6/875-xiaomi-mi6-6gb-128gb.html


  1. will mi 6 128gb best smart phone ever? should i go for mi6?

  2. The Chinese provider you suggest us to buy the phones from in your video seems rather unreliable (if not scam). Just type the name and add 'reviews' to it (Example: https://ch.trustpilot.com/review/tradingshenzhen.net). l'd personally go and buy from an ebay reputable seller.

  3. great job dude nice review thx

  4. Great review. Can you tell me the name for the second game after the space ships

  5. only 200 dollars (php 10,000) in lazada ph

  6. Really good review, keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Send me bro because it's not available on bd

  8. Does Hearthstone run on the Mi6?

  9. Great, suuupeeerrr review! Respect! Please tell me i can use it in Romania?I'm afraid ….to buy and…

  10. Türkmüsünüz çok benziyorsunuz

  11. Gardasim super video olmus boyle devam et selamlar

  12. This is one of the only few reviews, where the reviewer says "Xiaomi" right 😀 Good job Üüüü 😛

  13. Awesome review as always. I´m really excited for mine to arrive.

  14. Great review. Short and informative.

  15. maybe review it even faster and even less in synq or insightful

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