Xiaomi Mi A1 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Review (4K)

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Review (4K)


New Android one Xiaomi Mi A1 Comparison Review with iPhone 7 Plus with Portrait mode Camera examples.
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  1. Dick smith:
    Xiaomi Mi A1 = $300 (I rounded this up)
    iPhone 7 Plus = $900 (I rounded this down)

  2. This guy must be running out of videos. A 200 dollar phone with a 800 dollar phone, just stupid. Compare with a phone in same price bracket so someone looking for budget phone can make an educated descision on buying their next phone. No this video was far from helpful and your an idiot.

  3. Gila Luh ,ya jauh lah Xiaomi sama iPhone

  4. Boo Xiaomi the are copycats

  5. A semelhança é incrível

  6. Comparativo sem noção, são de categoria diferente. O Mi A1 é intermediário o iPhone 7 Top.
    Porque não compara custo benefício?
    iPhone custa 3x mais.
    Compare com o Mi Mix 2 então.
    Videosinho sem noção…

  7. Bro, I charge my mi a1 in 89 minutes with my box charger. Isn't that fast enough?

  8. IPhone 7 plus is very best

  9. I want to know how to redmi y1 to iPhone

  10. NFC never took off in N. America

  11. If someone wanna xiomi…go for 6s plus

  12. You even know how to take portraits on mia1…

  13. Apple will always be an apple

  14. He turn color pop on on the middle a1 that's why there is a blue tint

  15. No NFC in a budget phone- that indeed is unforgivable!

  16. Please don't put the mic on the table. It's so annoying listening with headphones.

  17. if i buy the phone now do i get android p ?

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