Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android | Pocketnow

Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android | Pocketnow


If you’re one of the many fans of the Xbox 360, you may already know that there are a number of Xbox LIVE companion apps for different smartphone platforms. You’ll find some nice Xbox LIVE apps for Windows Phone, Apple’s iOS and Android, but they all have varying degrees of Xbox integration. Windows Phone probably has the best support for the Xbox 360, but it’s split throughout the Games Hub and two other apps called Xbox LIVE Extras and the Xbox Companion. With all of those installed you get your Xbox Avatar editor, the Avatar Marketplace, and an Xbox remote control that also lets you search for content and see more info about what is currently playing on your Xbox. Windows Phone’s built-in Xbox LIVE integration supports messaging, online friends lists, achievement progress and friend achievement comparisons in addition to the Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games that will contribute to your gamer score.

The Xbox LIVE app for iOS is much less feature rich, but it still offers avatar editing (without the marketplace), achievement tracking, messaging, friend access, as well as a quickplay menu and Xbox 360 remote. The iOS companion app for the Xbox 360 isn’t as powerful as the Windows Phone version, but you can still control the Xbox with your iOS device (when it is able to connect). It’s missing features like search unfortunately.

The Android version of the Xbox LIVE app is even less impressive. This version basically only lets you edit your avatar, access messages, see your friend’s online, and manage your game achievements. There’s no Avatar Marketplace nor Xbox Companion remote control app.



Of course we expect all of these apps to see some improvements later this year when Microsoft is expected to update the Xbox 360 with new features like Smart Glass support and a voice-controlled web browser. Are you currently using Xbox LIVE on your smartphone? How do you like it?


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Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android | Pocketnow



  1. Microsoft screwed Android users on this. You would think they would have given the one without companion to Iphones because there are more gamers with Android + apple is the enemy lol

  2. Because I love Pocketnow video…

  3. Why arent u wearin a red tie,ud look just like the guy with a moustache in the beginning of an app…

  4. Great video as always… gotta update that shirt though!

  5. why doesn't MS realize we don't want their ui on other OSes? I mean, it's a nice UI, but it ruins the consistency when they don't use the ui guidelines of the other OSes

  6. i swear do people even watch the videos

  7. Adam…whats your Xbox gamer tag ?

  8. Nope. I'm just someone who does their research before opening his mouth and making himself look dumb. And why did you join our conversation.

  9. Xbox is really retard -_-

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    Nelson: Ha-ha!

  11. It's buggy on the HTC one x 😛

  12. Steam app's on android so… yeah

  13. well done you went through my google plus profile.

  14. Well Jack… I noticed that you have no sense of sarcasm… Which is surprising since you go to Shaftesbury High School, where I would have thoughed you've learned about sarcasm but apparently you have not. And shouldn't you bee delivering papers around the town??

  15. Doesn't make me want a Windows phone.

  16. I hate the way people cry when someone says 'first'. Really? A 5 letter word and you're having a mental break down, pathetic.

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