Windows Phone on a TV: How to Use the Microsoft HD-10 | Pocketnow

Windows Phone on a TV: How to Use the Microsoft HD-10 | Pocketnow


In the smartphone world, a 5-inch display is a pretty sizable canvas … but what if you could add, say, 30 inches to that? Join Pocketnow’s Michael Fisher as he shows you how to use Microsoft’s new HD-10 to put your Windows Phone on your TV screen!

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Windows Phone on a TV: How to Use the Microsoft HD-10 | Pocketnow



  1. Hi, i'm getting this messege ''Invalid HDMI key found" with my lumia 930, how can i fix it?

  2. In which option do the setting to TVout put for phone please tell me

  3. Czy to urządzenie działa z najnowszymi flagowymi smartfonami Microsoftu ? Lumia 950 XL i Lumia 950 ?

  4. it s not available in online now wt to do ?

  5. Sir, why can't play Lumia phone videos..

  6. or get an android device and chrome cast

  7. Microsoft's Wireless Display adapter works the same way but it's even better because you don't require an additional HDMI cable. Best part is, it doesn't just work for your phone, it works with laptops and other devices and it's only $50.

  8. was this device the precursor to Microsoft's current wifi dongle?

  9. If only microsoft would make a apple tv like device. . .

  10. 🙁 BBM on Lumia is very bad & slow ,than App in Store still a little bit

  11. is this work on wp 8.1?

  12. 1:06 orange led appears red in the reflection.

  13. It looks like shit. So typical for Microsoft these days.

  14. Why not just use a desktop PC if you're at home? My desktop PC is connected to two monitors plus one TV.
    Phones are severely handicapped devices that sacrifice a lot of experience for portability. It doesn't make sense to use one in a setting that doesn't require portability. 😉

  15. seriously, even chromecast cost under $40 and this crappy device cost $69?? Microsoft marketing teams are on drugs, seriously they are no business near to compete against Apple or Android. If they actually want to survive in mobile device industry, they better wake up and bring something customer can bargain. They are not even come close as useful as Apple or Android, but yet, they bring out product as if they are useful with rip-off prices. seriously Microsoft… wake up and have some sense. With all the tools, Microsoft should be the one who actually dominate or one of the top in this industry. But yet even with all the windows 10 bubble, they blow this one again… unfortunately. ..

  16. I'm using a cheap android and apps like "wifi display" or sometimes "chromecast"… What's the big deal? It's damn easy to broadcast your mobile display on TV through wifi….

  17. Is Windows Phone = Lumia smartphone?

  18. Looking forward for Windows 10 on my 1520😃


  20. How do I get one and where? And how much??

  21. Does it work on a non-smart TV?

  22. Mr. Michael no doubt u are the Reviews Killer. Honestly what u do in reviews is amazing u show all the specifications on the somethin' that u are showing with a brilliant way – Appreciate ur hard work .. Damascus – Syrian Republic

  23. during installation of window 10 on my nokia 1520 my phone the installation stick and now when i try to put it on it goes to installation all over and comes off……….. i need help can anyone help me with this situation

  24. can i do this with my 1520 and how

  25. Its a good idea but come on $70 for a device that only does mirroring. If it had built in features like a Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV than the price might be justified but for a device that only does mirroring this is overpriced.

  26. won't this suck the battery off your windows phone if you're watching movies, like in youtube or netflix?

  27. does it need a Smart tv ? or an hd tv is suffisant?

  28. What's with all the hardware?, all I do is project my screen via wifi and that's it. Unless you don't have internet.

  29. It says lumia screen mirroring device HD-10, but lumia 1020 deos not work with this unit. its kind of shame. any one out there got this worked with L1020.

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