Windows Phone is Facebook Phone. Nokia Lumia 800 demo

Windows Phone is Facebook Phone. Nokia Lumia 800 demo


If you’re a big Facebook user, you’ll notice the close integration in Windows Phone. It’s not even necessary to install any other app. After entering your account login at the settings menu, you’ll be able to update status, check-in, post to friends’ walls, check friends’ updates, share photos, view albums, and start a chat. I shot a video to show you how it works on the Nokia Lumia 800.

My favorite is the chat integration on the Nokia Lumia 800. On the Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone 4S, you’ll need to install a separate app called Facebook Messenger.

Even though the Facebook integration with Windows Phone is already brilliant, you can still choose to install the Facebook app from the marketplace.

Do you use Facebook on your phone?


  1. Plz help me
    my phone is inbox not show online

  2. it's a big bull shit
    sorry to say that, but it is.

    Android and iOS are so far ahead from windows.
    I'm sorry because Nokia has pretty good phone camera

  3. Awesome! I need to try it with my new Lumia phone soon.

  4. Even I don't need to install the FB app in WP but just signed in the account inside setting?

  5. it sont work with videos how do you do it?

  6. How can I see the post in the groups I joined in?

  7. how to transfer contacts from windows lumia 800 to an android phone? or is there any way to back up contacts and then restore it to any adroid phone?

  8. How do you send pictures in facebook chat?

  9. On my news feed it comes up with posts from the pages I've liked but I can't see any of my friend's post.. Is that normal?

  10. Thanks! I will buys this over android coz im into social media.

  11. This was a MASSIVE HELP, Thanks 😀

  12. I have n900 wich is almost dead but i can use full facebook page so how full facebook page working with lumia? Sorry my english is suck but i hope you understand what i meant.

  13. super nice………… fucking hot

  14. Does anyone know if using this will use credit?

  15. How do you know if your using up internet data on this phone?

  16. cool device everything easy to use also good for budget !!!modern device.if u like this tumb up..

  17. you got a new subscriber 🙂

  18. Shall i buy the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus??
    Pleeassee help meee!:(

  19. hi, may you pls upload a video on how to log-out on facebook from this phone..thanks

  20. I'm seriously thinking about getting this phone. I have an Apple Iphone 3GS at the moment which I think it is good but I've never used another smartphone. I use Facebook quite a bit (maybe a bit too much) and I like the way the service has been integrated with the OS on this phone. Your demonstration was really good.

  21. By the way… Are you a Windows phone user?

  22. Thank you for that reply. It really helps 🙂

  23. when posting status, does it says below "Via Windows?"

  24. You didnt answer to you sister :c she will kill you :O

  25. if you have a status and someone comment on it,,, can you clik LIKE on his/her comment??? can someone answer me out there,,,,,

  26. I love the Lumia, I also love my 4S, I don't know which one to keep, AHHHH!!!

  27. Don't read comments or consult a doctor

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