Windows Phone 8: Xbox Games, Music, Video, & Store | Pocketnow

Windows Phone 8: Xbox Games, Music, Video, & Store | Pocketnow


Watch our detailed walk through of Xbox Games, Music, Video and the Windows Store as part of our review coverage of Windows Phone 8. This is all running on an HTC Windows Phone 8X.


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Windows Phone 8: Xbox Games, Music, Video, & Store | Pocketnow



  1. How do I download games
    On windows phone

  2. I just got my  windows 8 Huawei phone I have a default account that the phone made , any ways I was wondering   how can I sign out of this default account and sign in  to my  Xbox live account ? was wondering  Pocketnow if you can u help plz?

  3. will you play a music video upright? mine has bugs:( has a lot a stuff dont work right

  4. HOW DID YOU GET GUN BROS??? I cant find itt at the marketplace

  5. Am I the only one that can't get Xbox games on my HTC Windows Phone? 
    I've tried setting it up and using my parents email address but it still asks me to sign in as a parent.  Is this just me?

  6. can you tell how to switch account on windows phone ?? i mean to delete thr old one and t sigh in with deffernet one

  7. i can't download xbox games on nokia lumia 520 :((

  8. can u plazzzzz make a video on how to buy a games on wp plazzzzzzzz

  9. i don't have the store choise what i should do?

  10. on the windows phone 8

  11. do u really need to have a xbox live account on ur Xbox 360 to be able to play xbox games.

  12. I don't find Xbox Music on Lumia 625 , can you hepl me, please

  13. In my language, we call you iOvce (it means iSheep)

  14. which windows phone is the best for you ?

  15. How do I log off of Games?

  16. How does the Xbox Section look if I dont have an Xbox Account?

  17. No, you don't need to pay for Xbox Live in Windows Phone.

  18. No, you don´t need to pay,

  19. Do I have to sign up for Xbox?!!:(

  20. Iphones store is better, but this phone is the best one too choose.

  21. how would i sign out of a Xbox live account that windows gives you and in to your account?


  23. You are really stupid !!!!!!!!!

  24. is there a way to access the purchased xbox video/music?

  25. i changed my xbox profile on myphone how do i change it back

  26. i dont have a BG on my music app whenever i play a music, It has a cover art tho. . . why is that? D:

  27. If you have "Windows Phone 8": game “Hard way” – is an intellectual entertainment,
    promotes logical and spatial development of your intellection
    Оriginal programmer – Samsonenko Mickael.

  28. which is better? app store vs xbox live store?

  29. Getting this phone next week!!

  30. dolby Mobile sound enhancements or Beats by dr. Dre???… Please Answer,, I Mean which is more authentic and not which is the most industrious..

  31. Would it load up biography and album reviews like what Zine used to do as well? :/ x

  32. how do u remove your xbox account on the app please help!!!!!!!

  33. can i find an app like amplitube ?

  34. Whn the hell is Microsoft gonna put movies for stream or download in the store !?

  35. There is a game named Ragdoll run on windows platform on similiar lines but temple run 2 is not available on windows phone currently

  36. i was thinking of buying the htc 8s but will i be able to get Android 4 games like temple run 2 on the windows 8 store

  37. But Beats by Dre Suck -_-

  38. I am due to buy the a new smartphone and I was seriously tempted by WP8 until I saw this. For me this between Android and WP8 but MS really have to get their act together as right now I am disappointed, however I will investigate more b4 getting an S4 or Htc 1 but it's not looking good. And where do you buy films from ?

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