Windows Phone 8: Speech, Lock, Start | Pocketnow

Windows Phone 8: Speech, Lock, Start | Pocketnow


Watch our detailed walk through of Speech services, the Lock Screen and the Start Menu on Windows Phone 8 as part of our full review. All this is running on an HTC Windows Phone 8X.


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Windows Phone 8: Speech, Lock, Start | Pocketnow



  1. Is this lock screen stuff the same setup as the Lumia 1020?

  2. Guys WPBlue will completely re-invent WP8 and I myself can't wait for it.
    Check out the kind of things we may be looking forward to on my channel.
    I hope you like my concept videos 🙂

  3. You do know that it's still a work in progress.Retard.

  4. So you have to remember every app that uses Speech, then remember all the phases that each apps excepts! That's not very useful unless you have memory of a super computer!

  5. Apple copied Windows XP
    Windows xp copied Dragon naturally Speaking

    Speech synthesis? Everybody copied the SPO256 Allophone generator IC designed in the 1980's

    Speech recognition? Everyone copied Bell Labs "Audrey" built in 1952. There was even a toy dog in the 1920s which would react to it's name "Rex" when called and probably qualifies as the great grandaddy of all ASR.

    Who copied whom,?

    Changes in technology are through incremental steps one would be advisable to try not to hero worship.

  6. Can you only use those commands or can you say your own things

  7. So funny "Pizza Food"…XD

  8. I really like the pluggable voice API. I really wish I could ask my iPhone to play my current Audible book.

  9. no, just numbers like ios

  10. can you lock it with a pattern or numpad or something?

  11. you are brother too ,that was so kind from you.. love the technology like you so much…I love Nokia as 1st one but I'm not fanatic and not agree about most what she make.. may be siri is the original one but google now is better in some terms,copyieng and development has no end, and we are the winner, I hope Nokia become stronger..this 'll make competition more hotter…by the way I don't really hate the I OS (get bored a littel) or android both are the best till now..hopfully WP OS become .

  12. LOL I guess I lashed out a bit. I apologize brother. No offense taken. I love technology of all sorts and can see that progress is made through copying, complementing and besting efforts of one another. Yes, I do agree Siri has made a big impact enough to push competitors to create virtual assistants. Have fun using your Nokia. =)

  13. I don't mean to be offence…and I didn't mention the History of the Voice commandes (( N-gage was the first to get voice dials in 2003))..I just replied you on (( Siri is gimmick))!!!
    And However I don't love The Iphones…But Siri is really impressive and Amazing
    and S voice and Google now comes after it by the same method and having it's same way… you need to admit

    and I hope Wp OS will have the same featuer because it becomes very important…sorry if I was tough in my first comment 🙂

  14. Read your own comment before calling someone a fanatic. I've tried to be as objective as possible. I've only stated my opinion on Siri vs. Google Now. Integration of 3rd party apps in WP8 speech is a fact. If u wanna use a childish argument based on who was first, let me clear things up: voice commands existed on WM since 2003, even before iOS or Android even existed. Yes, WP8 lacks an assistant but which is best is subjective and depends on how the features are used. I thank you for your input.

  15. I'm Nokia fan …and I see both of them are great Siri and Google Now

    Siri comes before S voice and Google NOW …and Siri is the source of revelation to Google Now…Botha are better than WP 8 voice commandes

    Lumia 800 User 🙂

  16. Siri is more of a gimmick to me than a useful tool than Google Now. At least in WP8 third-party app developers can tap into the speech UI and integrate their apps. Let's see what wonders developers can do with it. However, I would rather like to have a feature/app similar to Google Now to be included into windows phone. It'll be cool to see relevant information on lockscreen or live tile.

  17. i hope sprint gets it sometime later or early next year

  18. Verey Bad , Ios And Android in The Top

  19. well you already wasted it Android…sorry windows not missing u lol

  20. Facebook is in the WP marketplace for WP7 and so for WP8 too. The store for Windows 8 and windows phone 8 are different stores apparantly.

  21. So wait, is there a Facebook app in windows phone 8 but not windows 8 and RT? Or are those the htc powered facebook and twit apps?

  22. It looks like your phone already has 2 dead pixels on the screen. Is it the dust on your camera, or is that a quality issue problem? Wouldn't want to buy a phone if they dont make sure the pixels aren't dead before they sell the thing.

  23. Kewl, I hope this works well with my Ford Sync system since Microsoft designed it.

  24. Maybe you should type this review out in text and have your sexy AT*T voice file read it while using the PC Text to Speech program, haha. Might get you more excited.

  25. ddue why did they pick you to review this amazing phone??

  26. The problem has always been the shitty windows market. I'm a droid guy and I considered owning a windows phone just to try of but in the satire it seemed like a waste of money

  27. They had it years before that. I had it on my MPX220 back in '04. I think that was WM3.

  28. The most boooooring review ever. There's no enthusiasm in that voice whatsoever! Its like someone forced him to do the review at gunpoint.

  29. Yeah i like windows phone ,apple is fucking phone for losers and there is russian language oh yeah

  30. This crap cant evn surpass iOS 1 !!

  31. Can you do internet explorer, with wp7 i had a ton of problems with going on web pages and not being able to play video has that improved?

  32. windows reminds me of apple

  33. they are just copying SIRI… android, windows, who next?

  34. Nope, its still far from android, but nevertheless its a good one, i feel that they are headed in the right direction. In a few years it could rival android, but its already surpassed iOS.

  35. why does the screen look so washed out…

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