Windows Phone 8: Office, OneNote, PDF Reader | Pocketnow

Windows Phone 8: Office, OneNote, PDF Reader | Pocketnow


Watch our walk through of Microsoft Office, OneNote and PDF Reader as part of our Windows Phone 8 review series. All this is running on an HTC Windows Phone 8X.


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Windows Phone 8: Office, OneNote, PDF Reader | Pocketnow



  1. text reflow mode is available?

  2. i fucken love you dude saved me from failing my exam.

  3. Hello, is able to take screen captures with onenote at windows phone, just like at windows 8?

  4. hafız Allah razı olsun sınavdan bi gün önce attık telefona yolda bakarız diye 😀 

  5. Hi, how to open from pdf files?????????

  6. how can you chabge page order in onenote? when i hold on a page ot gives me options to sharw or delete it

  7. what are you using on android that does better

  8. Can Office Hub access office files and even pdf files stored in external SD card?

  9. I wonder if there are any other good word processing programs for the windows phone. Office 2013 is a little rich for my student budget.

  10. I hope you will enjoy Windows Phone 8 !

  11. 3:10 much-much smoother …

    usually … lol

  12. Well, at the time this video was published Windows Phone 8 was quite new with very few models actually available ! I thought some basics were in order. First things first ! Phones are still primarily used to make and answer phone calls !

  13. When I tap new (that plus on the bottom) I can only get excel and word… Why is that?

  14. than the win 7 adobe pdf reader

  15. Is "places" in office also a hub? Meaning i can add e.g. Dropbox or another cloud service as a "place" to store data?

  16. You could have moved the camera up a bit cause I can barely see the text hidden in the bright white background.

  17. I don't know why, but this interface just blows you away. It just feels so light. No heavy duty graphics. Just plain simple text.

  18. I have seen all 5 (6) videos in this series and I still do not know how to do few basic things that I do most often with my mobile phone:
    1. make a phone call / answer the call
    2. send SMS
    3. add new contact
    4. add a reminder

    Let's not forget what these devecies are intended for !!!

  19. Mobilenoter can search tags

  20. So you mean that you can create a to-do tag on the win phone but can still search for the tags you set on the pc?

  21. Thank you for the video! OneNote is my fav pc program and I'm hoping to get a windows phone soon (currently Android). That inter-note links are now supported is huge for me. Though what about tags? Can you search by note tags?

  22. ah yeah that's an idea. I just haven't used SkyDrive before, so that's something I have to figure out

  23. i don't think a lot of people would use that feature^^

  24. You still cant pin pdfs to start screen?

  25. and Word continues to sucks

  26. why you have not used a pdf with images and colors, rather than one with just written? adobe that application of shit, has not yet improved 🙂

  27. Sounds like an improvement , Does it actually use the tags at though, other than display them. eg can you do a tag search. ?

  28. Not sure if a DropBox app would be able to work like that. It might be possible now that the "Documents" storage is user accessible. You could also sync your SkyDrive Folder into your DropBox folder on the desktop computer. 🙂

  29. Yes, tags appear in OneNote! You can only SET the "To Do" tag from the phone though. All of them will appear.

  30. It's funny how a 4.3 inch screen looks so small

  31. nice review, do tags work in onenote?

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