Windows Phone 8 Best and New Games Nokia Lumia 920 (April)

Windows Phone 8 Best and New Games Nokia Lumia 920 (April)


Games for April

Device’s: Nokia Lumia 920

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1. Modern Combat 4
2. Amazing Alex
3. Endless Robot Street
4. No Gravity
5. Pirate Plunder
6. The Dark Knight
7. The Amazing Spiderman
8. 4 Pics 1 Word
9. Acedia
10. Vampire Rush
11. Monster Pinball
12. Orb
13. Galactic Reign


  1. guys instead of modern combat 4 download mc5 for short for modern combat5 really good guys

  2. thanks man some these games are accual fun

  3. how do you try it before you buy it

  4. Does your Lumia 920 heats up after long periods of gaming? I played for an hour straight and the upper part of the phone (where the SIM slot is) was really hot

  5. how long you can play games or Watching Movies on lumia 920 in 100 % charge??

  6. The music went in time to you speaking bag it sounded like u were rapping haha

  7. Nice video. Take a look at my Windows Phone game Raining Blobs that is on its way to become best puzzle game!

  8. This month I will have the volume lowered

  9. Love you accent, nigga! Luv yo bro! I'm gonna like this vid nigga.

  10. Good review, but you GOTA do something about the background music. The volume on it is too high so it's hard to hear what you're saying.

  11. Check me out on my music channel on youtube RIP THUGGERy

  12. No problem, here to help lol

  13. I didn't know that, I appreciate the info!

  14. You can get GBA8 emulator for it and download GTA Advance… the first GTA

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