Windows Phone 8.1 walkthrough (Nokia Lumia 1020 update)

Windows Phone 8.1 walkthrough (Nokia Lumia 1020 update)


We’ve upgraded our Nokia Lumia 1020 to Windows Phone 8.1 using the method outlined in this article:

Enjoy our walkthrough the new updated UI and shoot through any questions in the comments section below.


  1. I can't use Skype or messenger?

  2. Too much hand waving and screen flicking. When demonstrating a feature (to a new user) it would be much better if the video actually allowed the viewer to see what/how something is done.

  3. what about camera app speed when a take a picture in win8.1
    it is same old os ?

  4. Peace of shit 

    Lumia 535


    1 ) screen touch is over sensitive and applications are opening on there own due to same

    2) Keyboard is not proper 

    3) Entire display crunches like a hell frequently and display only 1/3 of the screen

    4) Microsoft flip cover is of worst quality. With in a month torn out

    Now even there own Skype application is not working in my Lumia 535 and 630

  5. I hope this update doesn't bring loss to my phone. (Nokia Lumia 1020).
    Some of the comments seem to be negative.

  6. the price is now 299€ here in Finland. Smart choice?

  7. can i update nokia lumia 800 to windows 8? please let me know soon

  8. You forgot to show the camera of 8.1 ! 

  9. How do i have the phone vibrate i have it set to vibrate on but it does not vibrate i was working fine before the update 

  10. This whole time I thought my update didn't include Cortana, but I just had to activate it X'D haha thanks

  11. In ringtones+sounds you used to be able to change your ringtone along with other sound notifications, but now you can only change reminder tone and ringtone. How do you change the other tones? (SMS more importantly)

  12. Now it is not that simple to check your contact's number you always need to do this true call history ? why ?
    and can i do video call other way not just true the skype

  13. I just bought a nokia lumia 1020 and updated it to 8.1 but i didnt get cortana?? I live in denmark (europe) i dont know if that has something to do with it

  14. in that system can you change delay photo make (10,15 seconds or more)? And maybe can shot series photo ( 5 or 100 photos every 5 or 10 seconds) ?? Like in nokia 808 pv?? 

  15. Is it compatible for Lumia 625?

  16. not a fan of that forced cropping!! Ruined a lot of great pics I wanted to half of my 4 kids only to be forced to crop them out even though they are huddled together ruined that aspect for me !

  17. +Diego Torres ojo pa, aqui ensenia todo lo nuevo. Y le da la opcion para instalarlo, pero es vara po que ya casi sale el update!

  18. I've heared his voice before. Was he working with another channel ?

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