Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat


Windows Phone 8.1 has brought Microsoft’s phone platform quite a long ways since the early days. Now that we have a much broader feature list, I thought it time to compare Windows Phone 8.1 with Google’s Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. In this video I compare customization, apps, voice control, settings, keyboards and much more.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 –

Nokia Lumia Icon –

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  1. whats going to happen with Windows phones in the future since ther not making anymore windows after windows 10

  2. Sir, you are not using the proper version of android to compare. The closest thing to a competitor for windows 8.1 is either Android 5.0 or 5.1.1. The competition for windows 10 is 6.0, 6.1,7.0 or 7.1.1

  3. android and ios have ugly interface

  4. What I don't like about androids is that it is very laggy. You really have to spend some big money to get a decent android phone. As for windows though, it has very limited apps. If you're more of a social media person or you use phones as a toy, get android. While if you want a phone for basic things, get windows. I personally like windows because its battery lasts longer, it's simple, clean & organized. But if you want android, I recommend Sony Xperia. For windows, Nokia is great.

  5. lol ,  android is  toy,,,

  6. Windows 10 Phone is now very good

  7. I'm glad I switched to Apple because I think all androids are ugly and I used to be an android fuckgirl

  8. i dont think that the widgets are better than the windows customisation, and you have folders too and more things like that

  9. I have one Just5 Spacer and GSmart Classic phones. There are broken. What is better? Lumia or Samsung?

  10. como le instalo windows fhone a mi android 4.4.2 kit kat

  11. android sucks
    iOS and Windows Phone are the best

  12. For me windows phone is good, because it is smooth, the camera is fast and very good quality. The store is disappointing, messenger is not updating, and a lot of apps updates very later than an android or ios. But I like that it is fast.

  13. windows phone is a peice of shit! only 2.5 % of mental smartphone users use it.

  14. iOS and android App Store is so much better then windows App Store…..who agrees with me ?

  15. Windows Phone is faster , no lagging because use system auto freeze application backgound .

  16. android running on linux and windows running on windows 🙂

  17. I have WP and I don't like it. I am used to android and the ability to customize my device as I wish. With WP 8.1 it is not possible. You can change couple of settings but thats it. Of course WP is faster than android, it has such a simple and ugly interface that even a guy with little programming knowledge can make OS looking that shitty. Just look the settings menu, on android you have user friendly settings menu with icons and so on, but on WP 8.1 you have ugly black screen with text … like come on. Little apps, bugs etc etc.
    Don't make same mistake as me, just go for android.

  18. Windows Mobile all day.

  19. I have this phone lumia 540 and the phone usually hangs but bigger problem is sonic dash game is hangs while playing.can you suggest me what to do..?it's urgent.

  20. As a grumpy old Curmudgeon, I had cellphones, but not a smart Cellphone till 2013… I had no preconceived notions of "the best" between iPhones, Windows or Android before going "modern".I started using a Windows phone in 2013 (Samsung Odyssey)… I used it straight for two years… I had no problems using my Windows phone… enjoyed its function and use… the smoothness of Windows was just fine on the phone.  After two years of continual use, one thing was painfully clear… "Where's the Apps?".  Almost every App I would see online, on TV or recommended by a friend was simply not available for Windows Phones.  It became very annoying, even to someone with no prior use of a different phone, the lack of App support for Windows phones was painfully obvious.I have recently switched to an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5), and I immediately became much happier… finally I was able to use all the Apps that simply weren't available for Windows phones… I have no ill-will towards the Windows phone format… indeed, I think its a very solid OS.  But the very obvious lack of App support just can't be missed or written off… it's a crippling problem… for two years I kept hearing how App support for Windows phones will get better… well maybe in 2074 it will be better, but right now Windows phones get near non-existent app support and I grew tired of waiting for "some day".I suppose if you just refuse to ever use any apps or want little more than a local weather app, there's nothing wrong with Windows phones… Its a solid OS and easy to use… but if you want decent App support, do not get a Windows phone unless you like hearing about the "some day" when that app you want will be made for a Windows phone.

  21. i have both… windows seems more seems more experienced…

  22. @Agumon5 you can you Metrotube it's a very good app! I love windows phone to!

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