Windows Phone 8.1 Update for Nokia lumia 520, 525, 625, 720, 820, 920,1020

Windows Phone 8.1 Update for Nokia lumia 520, 525, 625, 720, 820, 920,1020


Video review on what all features offered in Windows Phone 8.1 update.
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  1. i can not registration. now what can i do?

  2. And saying storage is full how to clear the storeage

  3. Me using LUmia 525 past 4 days mble is very slow and getting struck while typing n watssap i cant type above one work. I cant update watssapp also wat to do for it pls tel

  4. please help my lumia 520 can't download or I install can set up update I v been trying so many times no download please help me

  5. help me how to update my nokia lumia 520 mobile

  6. How can i get free internet on my Lumia 520?

  7. its a lumia 520 (RM-914)

  8. didn't work for me
    it says: The update was downloaded, but couldn't be opened. (8007000d)
    Can you help me with that, please.

  9. i got errors when im updating restarting
     please help me
    and activating code for nokia lumia 625

  10. how to share internet connection from pc to windows 8.1 mobile …please tell me or send me the video

  11. say about windows phone 10 april 10-14

  12. help me to update my lumia 720 to lumia denim, before I use the preview for developers for update to Windows 8.1, what can i do..?

  13. heloo i have  lumnia 1020 andwindows 8.1 but i can not copy some games  it says some code like something 80070020. can u help mi? thenks

  14. i want to update to windows 8.1 but can't connect to wifi with my lumia 820 which has windows 8 because it is not supported yet what can i do?

  15. Can i update to wp 8.1 without using a computer?

  16. I can't update it it says some code like something 80002yeeez I think

  17. is the update out for lumia 525?

  18. When i try to update my lumia 525 i got error of we are currently unable to check for updates 80072ee7

  19. recently I update my lumia 625 to win 8.1 but I can't change my theme =Lock screen wallpaper…please give me a suggestion

  20. What's the size of update download file? (my internet is pretty slow)

  21. windows 520 ke liye 8.1 version available hai kya 

  22. My 620 lumia has got an official cyan update rolled out in India !! but i cant find the update in the phone !! I have already installed a Developer Preview of WP 8.1 ?? What should i do now ??
    I m in India. 

  23. my phone windows 520 after updating mobile is restart and now its not start

  24. Hello, I just upgraded from 8 black to 8.1 cyan and I noticed something wrong with my phone.
    Yeah is better nothing to say, but in the past I used to have a ME icon in the contact, now is all gone.
    I unpinned the tile with Me from the Start yesterday and now is gone forever. Googled all the internet about how to put it back, but all I can find is about Windows 8 (Contacts -> me, the first position from the list) but now, is gone, and I can't find it.
    Does anybody know how to restore my ME tile back? Is there any chance?

    Another problem is they removed a very useful thing for me. In the past I used to receive and send messages on facebook from the Message feature. Now is all gone. Any idea about how put it back?

    An the final one… On my Android devices I have Me, with all my contact data, in the fist position of the list but I can edit all my phone numbers and e-mail's and addresses, etc.. Does Windows 8.1 does have such a thing? I can't find it. Sure was the Me position but without phone number detail, only to check in and post a facebook update. 

    It really bothers me to put myself in the Contacts just any regular contact. I tried anything, I can't find any option not in my phone or on my live account.

    I'm not a noob, I made tons of research, but simply I can't find this information. 
    Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  25. on my lumia 625 whenever I play videos it says decode error what do I do?

  26. How to upgrade my lumia 625 windows 8 to windows 8.1? Can you do tutorials?

  27. is there a way to change its video player to earlier version?

  28. My 625 has got an official update rolled out !! but i cant find the update in the phone !! I hav already installed a Developer Preview of WP 8.1 ?? What shud i do ??
    I m in India. 

  29. pls help me i have nokia lumia 820 but it didnt show me that have update.To windows  8.1

  30. i installed this, and when im trying to download an application it keeps on telling me dowloading. even im trying to update things it wont let me. pls reply

  31. Hello Sir,
    Can Nokia Lumia 625 be updated from Win 8 to 8.1?

    Thank you

  32. if i update through preview. if the original version of wp 8.1 update release can i also get that update?

  33. when will lumia 620 gets its update to 8.1

  34. is it available for lumia 820 in mauritius?

  35. Can I Update My Htc 8s It Has 512 MB Ram

  36. if i install this 8.1 preview for dev, and when the official update does come will we still b able to download it?Pls reply

  37. if u install this preview, when the official update does come will we still b able to download it?

  38. when will they roll out this update to Canada ???

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