Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana

Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana


Preview of Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1.

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  1. Cortana is a reason why I stuck with Nokia Lumia. I hope to see more once I get internet connection to my Lumia 920.


  2. Do you actually now that cortan originated from the legendary game called halo not this app and I love halo

  3. May have a link to download this app please ii can't see

  4. I use to have a phone that can run Cortana but it broke so I have to use Windows Telltime on my old phone (Nokia Lumia 710)

  5. Cortana, made for 1,5 Mi of people who bought WinPhone 8.

    Siri, for attending any of almost 1/7 of population. Designed for the incredible and fit iOS.

  6. Deleting everything.

  7. Ha ha ha….. windows 8.1 length of video 801 see where im going? Nope? Change the 0 to a dot. 8.1.

  8. For me, quiet hours will become useful.

    In school, we're not allowed to use our phones, so one time a telemarketer called me on my flip phone, and I had maximum volume and vibrate on.

    Got in trouble for that.

  9. Cortana is the best
    Better than siri and google

  10. Attention parents:

    Stop letting your idiot kids use voice search.


    The people who have to deal with that.

  11. Excellent phone on the earth

  12. Hey Windows Central is cortana working for Microsoft Lumia 535?

  13. So cortana is google now

  14. I'll be happy if she can scan for Covenant forces

  15. I just ordered my Lumia 635 (AT&T) and can't wait to finally use Cortana. PS… This will be my very first Windows Phone.

  16. Cortana, show me your vagoo

  17. Does Jen Taylor not voice her?

  18. Needs that sarcastic tone… Like in the halo games… A stronger one at least

  19. Look, all you Apple fanboys out there… Apple did not make Siri so stop going "This is a Siri rip off!!!111" Its stupid.

  20. He has elf ears… Its link… Hes advertising now.

  21. Soo when this come to mexico D;

  22. does any body know what happened to Cortana music button

  23. How many a Windows Phone 8.1 here in Brazil? And where have?

  24. Shut up and take my money.

  25. jen taylor(cortana's voice) had to record every word possible for this i bet. i wonder how long did that take her.

  26. I thought it was Cortana from halo

  27. They Don't Have The Voice Actor for this version of Cortana. Plus, people is gonna know cortana as a Siri type but not know her as a beloved character who died in Halo 4.

  28. So It's Google Now? (not a fanboi. Just noting the similarities and so many people don't know what Google Now does as everyone rejects the setting to let their phone follow their every move)

  29. @zo5N1P3Zoz have to wait for your phone to get 8.1

  30. @DstrukshunnTerrah yer gay

  31. Why are people saying that doesn't sound like cortana? Its literally voiced by the same actress Jen Taylor. Its been said many times and it sounds like her.

  32. I want this so bad just for cortana, but i dont like paying for contracts…

  33. I find it so awesome how Microsoft named the app Cortana. 

  34. Can a lumia 710 be upgraded to windows 8.1? Or only certain series of WP?

  35. It's a great idea that Cortana calls you chief since in latent american someone calling someone else chief in spanish is a sign of great respect.

  36. I love Windows 8.1 and OneDrive. Now I'm going to buy in a few days a Windows Phone to have everything connected. Cortana is a really good assistant. I just cant describe how happy I am to have a Windows Phone and everything I need, anywhere I go with OneDrive, Thank you Microsoft for all this greatness.

  37. For having Cortana in the title I kind of expected the video to mainly be about, well, Cortana. Your video "Cortana Questions," fits the bill better. 

  38. Nowadays, people want their phones to do everything for them, but get mad if it doesn't. What happened to basing a good phone on if it can make/receive calls with good quality?

  39. when is Cortana coming to the UK I got Nokia Lumia 630 with windows 8.1

  40. Who is the voice actor for Cortana.

  41. Windows needs to go outside… these full black menus look horrible imo

  42. All the phone are taking all the desing by apple so stop taking shed about siri freeking haters

  43. hey I'm using Nokia Lumia 620 I updated the latest version i.e. W8.1 but i'm not having cortana i'm having the old basic voice search how do i get it..

  44. Seems like Microsoft's take on Google now.

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