WINDOWS 10 OCTOBER 2018 UPDATE – BEST NEW Windows Features, Version 1809 (What’s Missing?)

WINDOWS 10 OCTOBER 2018 UPDATE – BEST NEW Windows Features, Version 1809 (What’s Missing?)


Microsoft has just begun rolling out Windows 10 Version 1809, the feature update for October. While there are a few new features in this build – including Explorer Dark Mode, “Your Phone” connection, and a new Snipping Tool replacement – there are quite a few missing features, as well. Let’s take a look at the best new Windows 10 features in this 1809 October 2018 update and how to use them.
Does the “Your Phone” functionality work for you? Share below!


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    no comments about the new hoodie or the new desk set being 🔥 #amdisappoint
    Thanks for watching! This was supposed to go live many hours before it did, oh well, YouTube has its ways.
    As always, yes I'm aware a couple little things might have been present prior to this update, but they're still worth showing where relevant.

  2. I dont have aplication "your phone" my windows is in last version can you help me?

  3. This is why i call them microshaft.

  4. Actually, Start key + period does work the same also in 1803

  5. ALL I WANT, and i think i can sya this for MOST of us is ….. STABLE FPS and GOOD performance in videogames on my PC! STABLE GAME PERFORMANCE, IT USED TO STABLE BACK IN 2016… Can we PLEASE have stable game perfrmance back, PLEASE windows! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the love of god!

  6. Guys i have a shit Issue in windows spotlight doesnt worked normal for me please can you help me please which build is stable and everythings works like a charm also spotlight works and thank you because i came from windows 7 to win 10 after a long time since anniversary update

  7. Dude holy f. DELETE YOUR TABS

  8. 求助:WIN10致命漏洞 电脑可以重新安装,我小孩子不知道电脑密码,无法玩网络游戏,利用WIN10 重新安装,把我电脑里面的资料删的干干净净。怎么办?新的电脑硬件却要求的WIN10, 怎么禁止WIN10重新安装?我不想哪一天起床,电脑里面又一片空白

  9. That update looks good, i really want that update but i do not know if i should update my windows 10 pro into 1809 or not?

  10. >Forced automatic update
    >Crashes your pc to the blue screen of death which deletes everything when you factory reset
    Mac OSX awaits.

  11. This update is making my PC bluescreen. Can anyone help me?

  12. Microsoft should just buy up Notepad++ and replace the built -in Notepad with it.

  13. It is November 6th, and what's missing is actually 1809 itself…Microsoft -> fucking morons.

  14. Thank you. Mine has not updated yet, I'm still at version 1803. But, I look forward to many of those features you described.

  15. its a really good update the dark mode I really needed the performance is better

  16. the best feature in windows 10 is ''FORMAT''
    it's the only correct working feature in the whole thing
    i keep installing fresh windows's , maybe 50/60 times since windows 10 came out , haven't installed THAT many fresh windows's in 20+ years
    windows 10 can kiss my *ss , i'm going back to windows 7 , f*ck this latest microsoft JUNK !!!
    NOTHING BUT HEADACHES !!! and haven't been able to play a descent game in 1.5 months now since that 1803 got FORCEFULLY installed !!!
    my whole pc is fucked it seems now , started f*cking with the displayports not working on 144hz anymore , games crashing , even after fresh windows installs NOW !!!!
    F*CKERS BROKE MY PC , i'm a freaky fast and knowledgeable computer tech , but windows 10 COMPLETELY CRUSHED my will to live , my will to even TRY and fix it this time around !!!
    that's how MANY times this windows 10 has F*CKED me in the *ass !!! i'm DONE with it !!!
    got it for DX12 , but f*ck that , games don't use it or it doesn't work , thanks for that little NEW gaming feature microsoft and nvidia , thanks alot
    now updates can't even BE turned of , the next reboot of your pc WILL TURN THE SERVICE BACK ON !!!
    i'm playing with this update service every f*ckin day of my life , for the rest of my life , or i can go windows 7 and be relaxed for the rest of my life ??? what to choose ? what to choose ?
    go DIE in a dark corner somewhere will yah , someone go for it and make a new OS that actually WORKS !!! you can do it !
    just get these microjunk f*ckers of the assembly line , you can do better then these f*ckers with 2 left hands and a mushed brain !!

  17. Basically Windows updates are crap

  18. I have the newest version of windows and dark theme on but windows explorer does not have a dark theme. I don't know why and I was really looking forward to having dark theme windows explorer.

  19. What about stable Linux Kernel? Is there any update for that side?

  20. Boy I sure wish they'd just stop updating and forcibly adding shit to 10 I have no interest in. Maybe start cutting out the bloatware?

  21. It's November. They should rename the update.

  22. Whats missing? My files.

  23. if you don't like the title bar in explorer black, why don't you have the title bar and windows borders ticked in settings/personalisation/colors? the your phone app only works if you have it set as a background running app.

  24. Give us back our Wndows 2000 UI

  25. I updated to latest updates but I dont use Win 10. I still use my Win 7 on my dual boot pc. Its too much headache to learn new things. . Plus it won't automatically dial in to my internet during Startup & my WiFi USB adapter wont make my pc into Hotspot machine

  26. Why can't we have a simple Classic Windows UI ? I get irritated watching this colorful garbage. I DONT LIKE CHANGES

  27. what's missing? THE ENTIRE DAMN UPDATE……

  28. I don't know what's the main reason why i can't update 1803 to 1809, Do i have to purchase the original one because i'm using freebies or there are virus invaded my pc that's why i can't move up?

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