Windows 10 Mobile Latest Build 14393 Review – Fixes, Known Issues, Tips

Windows 10 Mobile Latest Build 14393 Review – Fixes, Known Issues, Tips


Windows 10 for Phones Build 14393 has been rolled as a cumulative update and to insider release preview ring. This update some internal fixes too before windows 10 anniversary update scheduled for 2 August for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

cellphone :

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  1. How Can I install creators update on my lumia 435 running currently on win 10 mobile build 10586 ? Plz help me

  2. Hello, Bro. I am one of the fans of Windows Phone. Recently, as others did, I did receive the update too, released in the first week of March if I was not mistaken. My phone is Lumia 950 Xl, bought about a month ago. My phone's current build number is 10.0.14393.953. I am not joining the insider programs, to be honest. For your information, since last week, my apps such as Whatsapp, Adobe Photoshop Express, Waze are not functioning (the other apps I am not very sure as these three apps are the group that I noticed not functioning as before). Meaning that every time I wanted to open these apps, they just show "loading" for limitless time. Is ther any solutions for this kind of scenario? I did uninstall and reinstall them back but it just the same. No changes. I do love windows phone, they have great cameras and sleek UI. And my Lumia 1520 is working finely even though it has the same build number as my 950XL.

  3. I have upgraded my Lumia 730 (14393.67) to this build and my SD card(Transcend Micro SD) is not getting detected, I remove my SD card and insert in on another Lumia which is on the previous build and it gets detected. Tried a few other SD cards and no go. Have restarted my phone several times no go, any insights?? Thanks!!

  4. Hello Brother, I've got the official 10586 build. It's 12th August now, do you have any information regarding when the anniversary update is officially rolling out? Thanks.

  5. i cann't get windows 10 in lumia 630 by windows insider….why?6 months ago i installed w10 in lumia 630 bt now phone is not getting w10.

  6. You talk too much for what most don't care to know!
    Skip to the OS review quick!

  7. Is build 14393.5 not available in india.. I tried several times but i didn't get it..current on 10586 #lumia1320plz also rply to follow up questions.!!!

  8. Project Islandwood Windows bride for iso??? I heard this news on 2015 October… But still no confirmation form Microsoft

  9. Project Astoria, Microsoft’s Windows Bridge for Android is still there?? Or Windows reject??

  10. I'm using Lumia 540 with insider windows 10 os. I have updated all the updates include last update but still i didn't get call recorder function.. Why is it?

  11. Hi bro i want try this build on lumia 535 is it good as daily driver and want to know about battery backup and heating issues bro

  12. What is the size of 14393.3 cumulative update. Is it smaller than the regular build. Do I have to enroll to fast ring to get newer apps build?

  13. Camera app is still on old version. It's not showing an update on 14393 build. Should I format it?

  14. How can I get that same Background that you have.

  15. If number of apps in background is increased for 1GB devices . In 10586 it's 7apps maximum?

  16. We both have the same Lumia 640 xl?

  17. How do you get 2 days battery I only get 1 day and 4 hours.

  18. Nice video, this build is only in insider reléase preview ?

  19. Gupta im also using the Lumia 640xl… Im facing battery drain problem on this build

  20. Battery life is so bad on 14393…

  21. Its 10586.494 os build.its showing fully updated yet the option of call recording is still not present at the bottom of settings>phone.what should i do nw??

  22. Hi sir… Plz review audio quality(through earphones) of oneplus 3 Vs redmi note 3(currently using.. Its best) or may be pick any one of the phone which has great sound quality….i want to buy OP3 but doubtful about its audio quality.. Because i already disappointed with OP2(poor audio).. So plz

  23. Do windows phone support otg?

  24. Make a video of panorama app review and compare with android and iphone

  25. Now Panorama app available in fast ring. Os it also available in slow and production ring? Is it possible to skip downloading some builds on fast ring i,e update directly from 14389 to 14393 . If there is wifi problem can we update builds on mobile data . Is the download size showing ?

  26. I don't care about your app I will NEVER download it….just jump into the dam OS sh*t!!! Smt you need to go deeper when explaining what's going on in the OS

  27. where is officila build?

  28. install button is not available in store

  29. I have 640xl but didn't got this update … 🙁

  30. any battery saving tricks? coz I'm also using Lumia 640xl but I can hardly get 1-1.5 days of battery life. Its just 8 months that I've bought this phone. Help here.

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