Windows 10 Mobile Latest Build 10586.420 Review, First Impression, Change Log, Performance, Camera

Windows 10 Mobile Latest Build 10586.420 Review, First Impression, Change Log, Performance, Camera


Microsoft releases KB3163018, Windows 10 build 10586.420 for Production and Release Preview PCs and smartphones This build has fix on the previous build,

Lumia camera vs Microsoft Camera – Detailed Image and Video Comparison

how to import here maps favourites to windows maps

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Build 10586.122 Review on Lumia 640 XL

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  1. do you recommend to upgrade from 8.1 1020 to this?

  2. what phone you are using in this video 920 or 730 ?

  3. Windows phones are Shit 💩… I'm feeling frustrated after updating to 10…Nokia Lumia 730…Fu*k Windows… I'm gonna change to Android… Windows made my lovable Nokia look like a shit 💩

  4. heating is much lower while using internet on mobile data and gaming on .420 after hard reset , also battery takes less time to fully charge as compared to previous build.

  5. Yeah bro thanks a lot..actually my access point setup was blank..after setting up that, it's working now.

  6. Thanks bro.i have one more you face any problem regarding cellular data? Mine isn't working. Not even after resetting the device. Nokia Lumia 920

  7. I left windows 10 and bought a nexus 6p. Trying this on my Lumina 930. With all the new apps I'm very tempted to return

  8. When i press the call button the screen goes dark (without even getting it close to ears) . I have to press the power button to cancel the call it have to wait to get the call disconnected by other side. LUMIA830, W10M 10586.420. What could be the reason?

  9. If i get nokia lumia 630,Microsoft lumia 435 at same price then what phone i will buy???Win10 is not my priority.

  10. If i down windows 10 mobile now would it go directly to 10586.420 or would i have to go through numerous updates…

  11. How to make tiles completely transparent?

  12. Hi, would it be possible to have a video of this build running on a Lumia 625? Or another 512mb Lumia? Thx!

  13. I cant use any picture as lock screen om my Lumia 1520 how can fixe? Help me pls

  14. Bro, Do you use any reboot app for restarting the phone?May be i have seen an app in all your windows 10 review videos. Can you pls give me the download link of that app? Thanks.

  15. does the phone get hot playing games or web browsing heavy pages under this build?

  16. what app do you use to display the battery on the start screen?

  17. which are the nokia phones who will get the latest updates from microsoft always?

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