Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 Review on Lumia 1020

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 Review on Lumia 1020


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You are going to Love Lumia 1020 with this build…

A quick review of Lumia 1020 with windows 10 mobile 10586. A detailed build review will come soon.

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  1. Well, in which does the camera works awesome, Lumia 1020 with wp 8.1 or Lumia 1020 with windows 10 mobile.

  2. I have lumia 1020 with win 8.1 install and i want to update it into win 10 please tell me to procedure to update it manually.

  3. i use windows insider to upgred my 1020 bit ot show's your phone is up to date how to sholve this problemmm??????

  4. Hi, I need your help.
    I am using a Lumia 1020. I have some problems with focusing it get focused but after some time it loses it's focus. I want to upgrade it into Windows 10.
    Need to change from lumia camera into microsoft camera in order to get better shots and videos without any blurry.
    Is there any option to select the image format such as 34MP+5MP OR 38MP+5MP in microsoft camera.? Any freeze or issue with windows 10 in lumia 1020. What's your opinion should I upgrade or not?. I need your help. Thanks

  5. which is better lumia camera or microsoft camera. ?. there are some problems with video recording in lumia cam, cant pause the video or i cant focus during recording. it's like a blurred one. Don't know about microsoft camera?. Currently using lumia 1020

  6. What is,the unit of the color red lumia??

  7. after seeing this video, i understood y western make fun of our english accent…

  8. so can yo please check and revert when will I get capture live images option. and should continue with this build or switch to old build lumia 8.1. ? rest the build is good. regards

  9. hi… I am using this build in lumia 730. in this lumia camera is not working. the message shown is "we moved from this app to windows camera". and in windows camera > settings I am not able to get option to capture images in live. please check and revert back. regards.

  10. nokia lumia 730 with windows 10 os 10586 is working very good

  11. How about battery life? Has it improved? Compared to Windows 8.1?

  12. hey! is it safe to install this version? i hv tried dev preview like 3-4 months ago and after update my 1020 didn't had any live tiles plus many of the basic system apps like camera, settings, gallery etc were missing. one of my friend updated to dev preview, but his 1020 won;t start at all. I really wanted to try win 10 but scared if i would brick my phn beyond repair. please help

  13. looks camera is improved a bit ???

  14. Great video! I'm missing the Lumia Camera app on my 1020 🙁 I cant find it in the store.

  15. how L535 works on 10586.11?

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