Windows 10 Mail vs Thunderbird | Picking an Email App

Windows 10 Mail vs Thunderbird | Picking an Email App


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Comparison between Windows 10 Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird for which email application you may want to use on Windows 10.

Up Sides
– Modern Interface – Smooth Animations
– Simplified Settings?
– Shows email chain below most recent email
– Notifications in Windows Action Center
– Easier editor for things like adding hyperlinks
– Create Linked Inboxes

– Initially noticed a little slowdown in opening emails – possibly due to downloading email accounts
– Need Seperate RSS Reader
– Features like Automatic Replies don’t seem to be available for Google


Up Sides
– Unified View
– 3rd Party Mozbackup to Import / Export User Accounts
– Integrates with Chat Accounts (Google Talk, Twitter, No Skype)
– Can Serve as RSS Feed Reader
– Cross Platform

– Older clunkier interface.
– Google Contacts not Automatic

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  1. Thunderbird layout looks fine. For my taste, nothing has to pop out. I just need something that is easy on the eye and you know where everything when you get to know it. Thinking about using this for work. As Outlook has a glitch I'm not fond of and layout is difficult to customize, but at least on the plus side, it works.

  2. Hands down. MS Mail is a beast.

  3. The frequent ads finally killed my watching this video; I got 80% through it. The fact that I had to skip around to find where you even MENTIONED Thunderbird made the ads especially in my way. I specifically wanted to know about Thunderbird and you focused too much on Windows 10, You kept playing up every one of Windows 10's most useless and ugly features. You didn't discuss many specifics of Thunderbird, least of all how it actually handles mail. You played DOWN the ease of actually finding the features and tools you need, which is a strength. You wasted a lot of time trying to make Thunderbird look and act like Windows 10. People from Planet Earth, like me, specifically want a usable traditional email client. NONE of that chaaaattty stuff… Land on Planet Earth and start over, please.

  4. If Microsoft wasn't such a moronic company they would make there default mail app worth using. How they could possibly have the least amount of options (signature) out there is beyond me. They force people to go elsewhere for proper email use. Idiots!

  5. Windows 10 mail doesn't support html signatures.

  6. Just started using Thunderbird. A lot to explore in terms of features.
    I don't really like the MS mail App but the MS Outlook for Win10 is very nice.

  7. I started using Thunderbird over a decade ago, loved it. Used it up until I got a Mac, eventually purchased Postbox. Bought a Surface Pro, so I bought a Mailbird license. Now, I've ditched them all and am using the built in Windows 10 email app and I love it. Touch and mouse friendly, looks great. Most importantly, I've found it to be pretty solid all around.

  8. I started using Mailbird and I noticed that it is the piece of shit with no Arching and profiles, I switched to Outlook 2016 and finally give up as it crashes a lot. I fell Thunderbird is the best Email Client out there, their UI looks outdated but who cares.

  9. Hi Chris. Nice video. Super clear. Have been using Outlook 2016 but recently was told after many many problems that it doesn't work well with Windows 10 so I switched to Thunderbird. I have found that in an Outlook email page you can add images, re-size them, drag them to any position on the page, have them appear around text AND BEHIND TEXT. In Thunderbird the lack of these options is extremely frustrating. The limitations in Thunderbird are disappointing, especially when we rely on the program for business matters. Do you know of a fix for this situation or do I keep switching email clients until I find one that suits my needs? Regards, Wayne

  10. Thanks a bunch bro. pls how can i get a free email extractor?????

  11. I use both programs. If I'm sending to SpamCop submission, I can only use Thunderbird because it allows sending email as attachment. One problem I find in both Windows Mail and Thunderbird is that some emails get chopped off on right side. A message with text will lose 2 or more words on the right. Even in Preview pane, still can't read text on right edge. Anyone have a fix for that? I am using Windows 10 on an AMD Quad core PC with 8 gig of memory.

  12. Do Windows 10 Mail has "Tag" feature?

  13. Thanks for the video, but I hoped to see more of how they both worked. Maybe for another video you could show how the editors compare on things like gpg/pgp/s-mime and importing and exporting emails and such.
    Anyway, thanks for the info.

  14. thanks! more videos like this one please

  15. An interesting comparison and I still value a proper email app though Email apps for Linux are going through a bit of a re-orientation/ re-think at the moment it would seem, which is probably a good thing. In the meantime Thunderbird however remains very popular indeed OMGUbuntu has a good report on how one can get a more up-to-date UI design

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