Windows 10 Camera App Review & Guide | Windows 10 Tips

Windows 10 Camera App Review & Guide | Windows 10 Tips


Here I do a review and walkthrough of Windows 10’s improved Camera app. Windows 8’s Camera app really sucked in my opinion, so it’s nice to see that the app for Windows 10 is much, much nicer. I may actually use this more often, now.
(And yes, clearly the Logitech C920 webcam works in Windows 10. I did not need to update the drivers or software after upgrading to Windows 10.)

My webcam: Logitech C920 –

Raw Camera Video Upload Test:

Windows 10 Tips Playlist:

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Windows 10 Software Update Guide:

NVIDIA Driver Update:
AMD Driver Update:

DirectX Web Download:

Windows 10:
“It’s the Windows you know, only better.
Familiar and better than ever

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have.

This combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7.
Millions of people are already using Windows 10

The Windows Insider Program is a global community of fans who love Windows and want to help make it better. Insiders see the operating system in its earliest stages, and play a role in shaping it. Their feedback has contributed to the best Windows ever.

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Multi-doing helps you get to “done” faster
Get to done faster by better managing your desktop. Snap up to four things on one screen at the same time and create virtual desktops whenever you need more space or want to group things by project, like Office apps for work and games for play.

Flexibility to work how you want
The new Windows Store is the one place for all your favorites

Introducing the new Windows Store, a unified shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. Browse the store on your PC, tablet, or phone and easily download great free and paid digital content including apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows.

Great built-in apps that work across your devices
Windows 10 comes with great built-in apps4 like Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Music, Movies & TV. And these apps use OneDrive to back up your information and sync seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices, so you’re never far from what you need.

You literally are the password
Any device can carry your content, but only Windows gives you a truly personal experience. With Windows Hello, your device authenticates and recognizes you based on your presence, providing extra security, convenience, and even a friendly hello.”

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  1. How can a stop the continuous rearange focusing and flicker every sec. of the video on 720p 16:9 30fr while on Rec. mode?

  2. my camera isnt that high definition windows 10

  3. i can not be video sound recording.. its be muted video… can you fixed it ???

  4. What do you use to record your screen? Is it OSB? It's great quality

  5. Can I open a 2nd one, do you think ?
    Two windows camera apps, on the same pc with to different webcams ?

  6. How change audio source? I want to record sound from my windows 10 audio output(like music, game sound, and so on). I can't find changing audio source from setting in Windows Camera App. Thanks.

  7. How do you which from rear view to front view?

  8. im trying to record myself while i play a videogame and every time i try and leave it runnning it stops recording , i think i might be because of hotkeys , how do i fix this

  9. can you PLEASE tell me how to use a usb mic with the camera app. everytime i bring the camera up, it auto switches to the laptop mic. if i go to the voice recorder my mic works so its not my mic and man ppl have this same issue.i disabled the laptop mic and it still switched to it when i opened the app

  10. How do you have high quality?

  11. I need help with this i tried using it it says i need Media feature pack for N and KN to use it i searched up and downloaded it,asked to restart pc i did it,i had the thing saying updating PC and when its done with it downloading it still says i need Media feature pack for N and KN i searched up tutorials for it but no one has the issue

  12. Win 10 Camera App "Review and guide" ? What is the point of this video ? I learned nothing.

  13. Mine doesn't work, the screen is just black. Can you help?

  14. I have the logitech C922 pro stream webcam and I want to know what is the best settings to use for my video to have the best sounds and picture? And how do I separate the photos I take from the videos because I upload videos to Youtube and don't want the photos I take mixed with the videos, how do I create a place where videos are stored away from photos? I just downloaded the microsoft camera app.


  16. what condensor microphone do you use in this vid? u got a bass voice

  17. can you turn the camera around?

  18. will you help me pls i install the driver still not working pls

  19. Wen I make a video with the window 10 camera I can hardly hear the video wen it's done

  20. How do I get windows simultaneously with the camera can record game play ????

    I've tried but when the game entered the windows of camera stops recording

  21. I have a toshiba and just upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and the quality of the camera isn't as good as yours, why ?

  22. has anyone noticed the tissues?

  23. is it possible to install this software on a windows 8?

  24. Can someone help me please by telling me how to change what mic the camera app uses?

  25. Thanks, I need to explore more.

  26. Mine isn't working. The camera app.

  27. Why does your Windows 10 look better than mine?

  28. On my laptop with the Windows 10 Camera App, I find that the video recording on it is crystal clear but the pictures are blurry for some reason. It's really strange. Googled it, apparently other people are having the same problem.

  29. what about recording gameplay like mortal kombat online battle

  30. Thanks for the info. bro. Nice video! Anyway you can show us how to find the App? I'm starting my gaming channel! Finally and need to get my webcam working. Also can I use this in anyway with my capture card…once I have it lol Thanks again for the videos.

  31. is the face detection for facial recognition so that microsoft can access easily any recordings of anyone on the net or indeed any video cams that can access the web.

  32. I had to rewind Adam Raples to get your name. Now that we've got that settled, I did a search for Window 10 camera app and it brought you up. So the search is working good. It took me 3 weeks to finally get windows 10 on my Dell inspiron 15 to even let me use my camera. So for videos I was forced to use youtube which has already started to disrobe features in anticipation of YouTube roll back to "Hey bud, use your resources, not ours". Hey what about voice syncing on this cam app? your voice is off off off (what's that? an echo?… no just kidding, but how the heck does this senior get the voice to syn. Hey we seniors have a bad enough time of it as it is. Do you know if there is a a written manual on this stuff for non geeks. I mean, come on, I can find my way on the net, but this is ridiculous! Even something like "Windows 10 Video App Manual" or something like that.. wait, Let me see if I can answer my own question. I'll put it in google like that (all right google, rich mother that you are… do your stuff!)…. ahh for starters here we are, and how about the index:

    Camera app and webcams help
    Applies to Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1
    If your PC has a built-in camera or a connected webcam, you can use the Camera app to take photos and videos.

    Show all
    Open the Camera app
    Take a photo or video
    About panoramas
    Get the best shot with photo loop
    Change settings, like the flash or timer
    Switch to a different camera
    Crop to zoom in
    Change what happens when you tap the screen
    Automatically save your photos and videos online
    Include info about where a photo was taken
    See the photos and videos you've taken with the Camera app
    Edit or delete photos and videos
    Turn off the camera
    If you have problems with your webcam
    If your webcam isn't working with Skype
    Check for answers in the Microsoft community

    Well not a d a r n (had to space my letters, if I didn't it looked like "damn", like this darn!) thing about voice and video syncing, so let me check THAT out really quickly, maybe this will help some of us old dude internet aficionados OK back to $$ Google $$ $earch $$

    microsoft windows 10 cam app and voice syncing Shi… er Shucks.. nothing there either. let me try something else:

    cam and voice synchronization Nothing useful there!!!

    A D A M, PLEASE HELP ME! (you can send a note, I don't know how or something please. Kenlock) Thanks

  33. need help,everytime i open my camera the brightness is too low i have to increase the brightness everytime,cant i save the settings??

  34. Need help! I have windows 10 on my surface 3. I noticed while using google hangouts and Adobe Connect that my video is really dark. I went to the camera app and changed the exposure settings….then, it looked great while using the camera. However, these settings did not hold when I went back to using google hangouts and Adobe Connect. Any ideas????

  35. How did U improve the quality

  36. Concerning the quality, you can change the the sample rate your audio card records at in the settings menu. It doesnt record via your webcam mic it records all audio passing through. So, if your audio interface is set up as your default it will record that. Also you can psuedo multitrack with the camera app by playing back the original video while recording a second one. Kind of a cool trick. Check out my channel if you want to see it in action. Peace.

  37. +Savanna Winchel It's probably dependent on what webcam you have. Cheaper webcams and ones built-in to laptops and such often won't have the capability to change those settings.

  38. dude you have a GREAT VOICE 🙂 🙂

  39. Hey, I have a question. The settings on the top (the little arrow that lets you change the contrast) doesn't appear on my camera app. It's just like a blank dot. How do I get that to appear so that I can adjust my contrast level…

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