What’s the Best App for Recording Audio with iPhone?

What’s the Best App for Recording Audio with iPhone?


http://www.edutige.net In this video, you’ll learn about what app to use for recording audio with an iPhone. This will be especially helpful to those of you recording bird songs with an iPhone because I know how important good quality audio is for getting good recordings you can archive or share online.

For Android users, we recommend an app called Tape Machine Recorder. It’s the one app that’s usually compatible with our microphones.


You’ll hear about the native iOS Voice Memos app vs Twisted Wave.

Voice Memos is great for quick recordings because it’s relatively fast to get up and running.

Twisted Wave can also be used quickly, but requires some initial set up so the app is ready to record high quality audio when needed.

Both apps produce good results, but you’ll likely find Twisted Wave better if you want higher quality audio files, more control over file type and control over input gain.

I should probably do a video comparison where I record with both apps and let you hear the difference. I’ll put that on the list.

Let me know if you have any questions about recording audio with your iPhone.


  1. Photo on a Sound make unique!!!👍.

  2. omg!i finally find this!

  3. wow thanks man! i finally found voice recorder for my iphone 7 that fully disables iOS auto gain control 😁😁😁 even if there’s still no gain slider on the app on my iphone 7 (maybe bcs the removal of the headphone jack, idk what’s the relation in between, but yeah)

    but it’s still fine though. the mic gain is fixed at low dB 👌

  4. Eric roasts where you attttttt

  5. what is that bground music give me the link please

  6. Can I record dialog when shooting video with just twisted wave and get good audio with external app

  7. Thanks bro! But… What planet are you from?

  8. So the best app is a free app? Wow, looks like he's done his research.

  9. Amazing quality for such a small channel :O

  10. Thank You Bro! I've been looking all over for one that has gain control.

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