What’s on my Windows Phone October 2016?

What’s on my Windows Phone October 2016?


Hello there everybody around the world, and welcome to this video of what is on my Windows Phone for the month of October 2016. In this video I showcase the current applications that I currently have on my personal device as well as how I have my Windows Phone organized. The intention of this video is to inform you of the applications that I have that you may not have heard of before that may inspire you to download some of those applications yourself. Also intentions are to spur a discussion of Windows Phone 10 applications to help us all have a better experience here on our smartphones.

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  1. Where can I buy i windows phone new

  2. can we use bbm on windows phone for now?

  3. That's one whiney intro.

  4. I'm watching this on Client For Youtube on my Windows phone. It's better than the iOS version and up to par with the Android version. Best Youtube client on Windows phone.

  5. well the anniversary update give streaming Xbox one to your windows 10 device

  6. "Databot" is a cool app but i have a windows 8.1 nokia 1020 so id don't know if it is available for the win 10 sires. also i have yet to use thanks to Cortana reading my messages out loud is "walkee textee". I like how Cortana can read text without a Bluetooth device. it makes it stand out.

  7. For anyone, like myself that like the Window phone layout with tiles but don't like the functionality and app availibity check out this skin. SquareHome 2 – Win 10 style on the playstore. It behaves and looks exactly like a window phone. I love it. I have it on my Samsung S5. You get the playstore and easy tiles.

  8. ha I was the mytube guy

  9. lack of apps don't bother me that much. I mostly used the web browser to go on FB or Youtube on my former android phone anyway. As for games I rarely play any. I keep productivity stuff on start screen, weather alarm photos Outlook

  10. windows actually are updating apps, still got my 950 xl and I'm updating like almost every week.

  11. recently my android phone broke, and I'm back on my windows phone. And I still love it! Recently updated it to windows 10 and it's amazing

  12. Xmas Are coming and i gonna get lumia 950

  13. Never again wp!!!!!! Nothing but nothing not work properly!!!

  14. i love my windows phone is dope more apps and user friendly and they can get maket back

  15. they got rid of ebay we have lost amazon and paypal i wonder whats next

  16. If windows phone has apps that are as good as the ones with android and iOS, I will certainly be in favor for it. In my opinion, windows phone has the greatest user interface of the three. The design is just absolutely simple and that makes it work for me.

  17. UPDATE: What's on my windows phone november 2016: https://goo.gl/PJjjKb

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