Using A Flip Phone In 2017…

Using A Flip Phone In 2017…


The Samsung Folder2 is one of the last of a dying breed of phones… The Flip Phone. Of course the Folder2 is far more advanced than those old school flip phones like the Motorola Razer etc. The Folder2 runs Android, features dual cameras and a touch screen. The Folder2 is unlikely to replace your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 but for the right person it just might be what they’re looking for. I have to admit, there’s something satisfying about flipping a phone and having a good old fashioned phone call. The Folder2 retails for around $350 (converted price) and is available in parts of Asia including South Korea. The camera is probably the most disappointing part of this device as it’s no where near the expected quality of a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Note 8, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. That said, it’s only $350 so it’s tough to compare to Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship smartphones. I’m thinking the the Folder2 could be popular amongst the older generation, those looking to avoid devices that are fully touch navigated like the Galaxy S8 or iPhone X.

Does this thing remind you of your first phone? Do you think the Samsung Folder2 should still exist in 2017?

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  1. What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

  2. I'm using one Nokia and one Motorola v3 phone.

  3. i luv this type phones

  4. I am a jackeroo, this phone is just what I need. Im so over worrying about my screens!

  5. Wow this was 1 month before my birthday I asked for a LG phone and got a ZTE flip phone what has my life come to

  6. INTELEVISION! My parents had that thing too with the sleeves that went over the number pad to coordinate with the game your playing. Good times man good times

  7. its actually pretty small for a flip phone

  8. Razor the best flip phone of allll time

    Actually might be one of the best period

  9. New Mobile Laptop Phone

  10. Yeah the 'flip' phone is still viable !!! Wait until your so-called 'smart phone bricks up, and you need a phone for the tech to call you on !!! The flip phone may look old tech, but it'll work EVERY time. Oh and by the way, I do and have owned several smart phones. I always carry two lines … one for my flip and one for the smart (?) phone … Ha 😉

  11. Motorola RAZR V3 is the best for me.

  12. Like a gopher 🤣😂🤣😂

  13. I'm an old fogey and I like flip phones. I bought the Lenovo A588T which looks remarkably similar to the Samsung Folder 2. I have had mine for about six months and it is starting to behave erratically. It stops touch screen input for no reason or jumps to different features eg emergency dialling. I reckon the wires inside the double hinge are playing up, or there is a wiper contact system which is becoming intermittent. I won't bother to demand my money back, coz I had it sent from South East Asia and it wasn't expensive. A lesson learned! The Samsung looks a tad better, but I would consider it to be merely cosmetically different. I rate mine two stars. Anyone know of any other flip phones (quality ones)………?

  14. Hi
    Can you play music, such as YouTube on the
    Samsung Flip 2, without headphones … sound quality?

  15. This is usally for kids in korea

  16. Lol over here you'd be shamed using that phone but I still want it 😂

  17. Flip phones still have a huge market outside of the Western world. They're only "antique" in North America and Europe.

  18. Ohhh seeing this made me happy. I'm soo glad they're still around.

  19. Can the folder2 work for metro

  20. How have I only just found your channel

  21. I love flip phones! Because I remember Nokia's and Samsung flip phones… But now world changed… You can love what you want, but you allways must to buy what you need and what the future says…

  22. Currently using a Samsung S8. I want the LG G7 or if I feel extra ambitions at the time of upgrading, I'd shoot for the Galaxy Note 9.

  23. that phone  is mostly used by the elderly/kids here in Korea. under $300 at that time now $120

  24. This guy's personality is the definition of autism

  25. I had nothing but a flip phone until 2015. I kinda miss T9.

  26. Can you one for the Docomo optimus chat L-04C

  27. They are OK videos, but it is a shame this guy acts like a hyper active 7 year old.

  28. Did he say 16 ram or did he mean storage?

  29. I had t9 texting on LOCK!

  30. That phone looks sweet. Best flip phone I’ve seen.

  31. Looks alot like the RaZr

  32. I still love having my batteries separate & removable.

  33. This phone is popular in China and some Asia countries.

  34. I'm not an elderly person, but I do use a flip phone. I bought a new flip phone just recently, a ZTE Z233VL, because I HATE the touch-screen type phones like a smartphone or an iPhone. I guess it's because I have mild cerebral palsy and I can't get the touch screen apps to work right for me. I'd tap on an app, it would not activate, I'd try again and activate the app beside it. It's super annoying, irritating and frustrating. I tried texting and the thing is that it takes me so much longer to text on a touch screen than with a flip phone. I very often touch the wrong letter and then when try to touch the backspace, I get a question mark! Don't have that problem with a flip phone, because the buttons are perfectly stationary, they don't move at all with your fingertip! I'm so glad I can still get a flip phone!

  35. Lmao when he said it is from South Korea I just thought of Jin’s pink flip phone 💀 now it doesn’t sound as bad when he had it

  36. I like how
    Samsung does this for the ppl that liked flip phones

  37. Samsung is the pinnacle of mobilephone engineering. I Love Samsung as a brand. I had a lot of Samsung phones, currently using a S7, I loved every Samsung phone i ever had.

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