Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 7 Review – With Drop Test!

Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 7 Review – With Drop Test!


Urban Armor Gear has made a name for itself as being a really protective case without all the bulk. They’re thin and light while still meeting military drop specifications. These are two of their newest offerings for the iPhone 7. In this review we’ll look at their shortcomings and what makes this one of the best, tough iPhone cases out there.

Pathfinder Case on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2eaNezI
Monarch Case on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e99nvS

If you’re wondering, Saturday Oct 8th was the only day I had available to do the drop test. It just so happened that Hurricane Matthew was passing through that day. 😉

Please consider purchasing this product through my above Amazon affiliate link. It’s the same awesome Amazon price and experience for you and it helps me to keep making thorough reviews by paying me a commission.


  1. Would you say that the UAG monarch protects the iPhone better than the Otter box symmetry case?

  2. Which is best pathfinder or monarch ??

  3. Great video! I have the Uag case in plasma for my iPhone 7. Though I have to admit, the orange stands out and looks really cool.

  4. Have you tried to use it on an iphone 6 ? does it fits perfectly???? or is it better to buy the model on your other video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04D23nnnIJM ?

  5. Is the pathfinder screen protector friendly

  6. I agree. Great case overall. I just got back from a trip to Panama. The phone and case held up to a ton of abuse, including 50'' foot waterfall jump which probably submerged the phone to at least 10-15'

  7. What about the screen. It doesn't break when you drop it?

  8. Your shirt looks like the Pathfinder case.

  9. Um 2x mil spec drop rating does not equate to double the height protection,
    . Normally they drop test phone 26 times from the drop rating. But uag say they dropped it from 4 feet 56 times. So they dropped it double the amount.

  10. does anybody have a link for a plasma case?

  11. I'm a kid who has a bad habit of dropping my phone, but not from a high height. Probably from my chest down. But anyways, my parents are gonna buy me the iPhone 7 soon and I want it to last a while with a good case that will protect it. Which version do you suggest I use?

  12. What are your thoughts on the trooper uag case?

  13. This was one of the more in depth and informative case reviews I've seen yet. You went into every detail from minor to major. I learned some things. That's good work by you.

  14. Great Video When I First Watched The Video You Seem Professional And I Thought You Had 1,000,000 Subs I Subbed

  15. Thank you for the great video. I wanna share my opinion on the cross compatibility of the case for 7 and 6/6s. I realised i hated my 7. Went back to 6s. Imagine if this case was designed solely for the 7 it will be wasted. Now i can use it on my 6s saving loads of money. Thank you UAG. My only complaint is that the case is very slippery.

  16. I have the Magma for my 6s Plus. It is amazing and awesome. I bought the red UAG case for my iPad 9.7 to match and I am very, very, happy.
    *i counted my other covers and have 6 other iPad cases and 8 iPhone 6s Plus cases and I finally found my perfect pair!

  17. I heard that this case stops Apple Pay from working… Is that true?

  18. What version of UAG would you recommend for my iPhone 7?The Plasma, Monarch or the Pathfinder?

  19. What's the chance those metal screws could scratch the back of the phone?

  20. This was a video that i watched.

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