Unboxing the NuAns Neo Windows 10 Mobile

Unboxing the NuAns Neo Windows 10 Mobile


We check out the NuAns Neo, one fo the most interesting Windows Phones of this year.

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  1. Does this phone work in the US on At&t?

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  3. why in the world i did get this nice beautiful item when i buy it.?? what i just get in the box is cable,headphone,glass,back cover and nothing else..and you get so so many item.?? cant u sell it to me.?? 😁

  4. The design are outstandingly nice! Where can i get this phone? i'm already sick with apple's design! I want something refreshing and out of the box design=)

  5. Nice……go on!!!really nice unboxing!;)

  6. What a nice looking phone, no camera hump, which is great, IMO.
    However, I'd need a lot of convincing to switch to a Windows phone, particularly, if there's no way you can use Swiftkey on it and almost everything I do, regarding syncing my phone to the PC involves Google/Chrome/Gmail etc.
    If they made an Android phone like this, I'd be really interested, as opposed to the super thin, glass backed efforts that seem to be in vogue at the moment! :O)

  7. Who gives a fuck how thin a phone is, really? When phones are paper fucking thin, but only last 4 hours of use; what's the point? Jesus Christ. Phone companies need to get their heads, out of their asses. If one phone is an extra tenth of a millimeter thinner, and another lasts an hour longer in use, which one do you think the consumer will buy? Fucking hell.


    'Great, but can I use the fucking thing for longer than a few hours?'

    'D: But it's a heart-rate monitor'

    Get fucked.

  8. So is this ever gonna be available internationally?

  9. Another phone company will be at lost joining windows….. R.I.P.

  10. Dear Nuans don't be fool leave this os….go with android……..windows is not developing….they are lazy

  11. I want this! I wish I knew about the kickstarter I would have contributed.

  12. Привет,где можно купить?

  13. "Awesome video…..and a cool looking device…..hope it'll be launched in India also….."

  14. this guys really give a F…. about environment friendly packaging

  15. Like the whole custom case thing. very true to windows phone, but the stock ones look ugly to me.

  16. Cool phone! Really dope to customize. i want one

  17. Best Design package for a shitty software unfortunately 😒😢😢

  18. Microsoft cut 2800 jobs this month, because of the Windows OS. I dont understand why some new starters create phones with Win 10 OS. I own like 10 different Win 10 phone in last few years. And the OS was just like hand cufs. Planty of crashes, to many every day.

  19. this phone has got a great potential for commercial success i believe,looks very interesting phone, nice unboxing ,thumbs up man!!

  20. I want Microsoft to make phones like this 🙁

  21. That's a gorgeous phone. I'd love to have one. Are they going to offer all the custom backs panels in production as well? I'm looking forward to the next video. Good job 👍

  22. Now that's how Windows phones should look like. It looks classy and fun at the same time! I hope it'll be available in my country.

  23. Nice video.
    Phone it's a beauty, but I would like to se it on Android 🙂
    I have drop out of my Lumia 950 becouse of Windows 10 OS !

  24. How was the battery life?

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