Tubecast app – Windows Phone – Webrox

Tubecast app – Windows Phone – Webrox


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  1. Me dice acceso denegado cuando busco algun video.

  2. Лол все не русские

  3. Great😆😅😅😅

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  5. Have been the same thing 😊

  6. Alguém me diz como faz download das musicas ? E dos vídeo ?

  7. I always get "Network Error". It says that my phone must have the "real date and time". What does this mean? How can I fix it? This happens only after Tube Cast got updated into version 4.0.

  8. History removed in newest version. Please bring it back! I need it now! And add AutoPlay feature. Support pinning of comments and also view emojis posted by commenters on videos. I always see rectangular boxes indicating missing characters on comments… Please renovate the app. Thanks.

  9. How to delet videos on tubecast

  10. Tubecats eu já tenho. Falta o Cromocats.

  11. Please implement an autostart feature. I configured a batch file with a timeout feature that loads multiple videos (like it would a regular playlist) but the videos do no autostart on the windows 10 application like they do on the YouTube website using the =1 parameter. If you can implement this, please do. I love this app sooo much!

  12. How to send any videos in line?

  13. Haw to downlode video in sd card?

  14. Não está mais identificando o meu chromecast… Aconteceu depois que eu atualizei… Não atualizem NUNCA!

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  16. حلو البرنامج ياريت تضيفون ارسال البلوتوث

  17. Please Help Me… My app is updated, but I can't find the "Watch History" option 🙁

  18. Webrox wondering why isn't there an automatic playlist when I go to my subscribed channels playlist. Instead of manually going back and selecting the next video. If there is a way please help.

  19. The app is amazing I am still using it. Why are the subscriptions no longer indicating if they have posted a new video?

  20. me encanta la aplicacion es mejor q youtube

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