Trick to get Paid app free from windows phone (developer unlocked)

Trick to get Paid app free from windows phone (developer unlocked)


Trick to get Paid app free from windows phone 7(developer unlocked)





  1. This is demo no one want this trick

  2. Perfect quality. Best music I've ever heard. Give him all the middle fingers XD

  3. Brother that unique file manager was not opening by me when I tried to open it shows contact company support lauda naa lasson. What should I do now?

  4. its amazing how he filmed it all on a potato

  5. Where did you buy the potato to film with??? I want one!!

  6. how do you extract the file

  7. i watched a 2 minute ad without skipping. you're welcome.

  8. what did you record with i love i want the one like yours

  9. can you make a new video?

  10. this is a bullshit video . dude wtf are u thinking ?

  11. Please please tell us !!! How did you install it 😭

  12. аз от тази малко пикселова камера виждам замъглено

  13. how to make it work in microsoft lumia 535

  14. Down wor I have a Microsoft Lumia and u have to either buy a Microsoft gift card or put your bank details on

  15. This was stupid. A dork could figure this out. Sorry if you think I'm rude, but it's the truth.

  16. Okay i have downloaded but how to instal it

  17. how to install it in the mobile

  18. Dude that doesn't always work (and when it does it gives you the demo

  19. What if you cant click Try like for minecraft?

  20. Did u record with a calculator?

  21. thanks man keep making vids i luv u

  22. No not at all…tell me briefly. About the procedure for downloading nd installing …now
    i have downloaded the app bt unable to install help me clearly …other wise thnx for the trick yr

  23. How to jailbreak my phone Lumia 720

  24. Kya yar link sedownload krne par bar bar download error hojaraha …showing download error always for unique file manager on my lumia 520 …plzzz help

  25. how did you install the UNIQUE FILE MANAGER

  26. Okay I got the thing downloaded… Do I just go to the app store and click on what I want or is there any added steps in this?

  27. Bad Quality But Good Video 🙂 Go On Make More Videos

  28. showing an error….something like company error

  29. Are There any side effects to this, as in if i jailbreak, will my phone function 100% like it did, before jailbreaking?

  30. can you have gta for lumia if yes then send it to me drop box link please please

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