Top iPhone Apps For Hikers & Mountain Bikers!

Top iPhone Apps For Hikers & Mountain Bikers!


So this video was a little bit of a challenge making it this Saturday. I’m at my parents for Thanksgiving without my computer. All editing was done on my iPhone.. Amazing what phones can do now though.

I wanted to share some of my top apps that I use whenever I’m mountain biking, or hiking. Some of these apps are also awesome to help you find new trails! Let me know if you have any favorites I didn’t mention!

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  1. Strava and trail forks are awesome . And Relive is really cool for creating a 3d map of your ride or hike with stats and pictures that load from either of the aforementioned apps. Cheers-

  2. Thank you! SingleTracks looks awesome! I'm checking out (tinkering) with MTB Project (REI?), and Runtastic Mountain Bike…

  3. Another good one I use for mountain biking is Trailforks.

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