Top 5 LG G6 Features!

Top 5 LG G6 Features!


LG G6 has arrived! This is everything you need to know.

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  1. how to make LG G6 screen wake on notifications ? thanks

  2. Im a simple man. I see a video about the phone im currently using, i click on it

  3. Just bought this phone, it's a boss IMO!

  4. Lg G6 plus Screen Protector Need Or Not

    Plz Reply Fast

  5. Why r u biased agnst LG??🤔😤

  6. What's with the cheap acrylic backing, why not aluminum ?

  7. This phone is much better than S8 and iphone x

  8. So if i buy a g6 now it has a snapdragon 835?

  9. Omg the beginning song was like a g6 lol

  10. I still have the LG G4, lol. Would LG G6 be a good choice to upgrade, since the price dropped as well after its release? I can't really afford the latest flagship, but still want a phone as good as my LG G4 was/still is…

  11. I'm probably going to end up buying a used T-Mobile model when I switch to Simple Mobile as I want to own a nearly bezel-less phone with Nougat as well as be able to download Fortnite when it's available for the Tier 2 exclusive list (Tier 1 being Note 9 and Tab S4, Tier 2 being the released list from Epic and Tier 3 being every Android phone unless they decide to make it exclusive to only certain devices)

  12. Been over a year and still runs like the day i got it

  13. You just personally dont like the phone that is all, dude most of the android devices come with skin.
    any other glass phone will break if you drop em. you just keep saying (not perfect)

  14. Decided to wait for the LG G6+, gotta have that DAC and 6G RAM. Still great!

  15. I'm using the LG G5. The camera software is broken. I'm thinking getting the LG G6 or Galaxy S7 edge. Which one is better?

  16. if it have 32 storage how many will be left?

  17. My sis got one and I love it 🙂

  18. I don't understand how the hardware is a feature.

  19. But now in 2018 it's even more worth it because I can buy one right now brand new for only 200€ woohoo ain't that a fucking bang for the buck

  20. U talkin abt BEST features or WORST ones ???

  21. I have grown love for lg skinned android

  22. costs 400 dollar now is it worth the money

  23. The Non perfect video. 🤣

  24. Hey man, should I buy the LG G6 or the Moto G6 Plus? (getting them for the same price now in Poland).

  25. Im still rocking the G6, and with Oreo, it's awesome

  26. Is bootloop issue in lg g6 ???

  27. Watching this on my newly bought Lg G6. This phone is awesome, the best I've ever had (No joke for the past 3 years all I've been using are shitty government tracphones).

  28. Did u say expandable upto 2 terabytes of storage?

  29. What good does IP68 do when it cant even last a day of usage

  30. Has your right pinky finger been broken? lol

  31. Like a g6 hahaha gotcha! And the starting song tooo

  32. Guys help me i can buy the phone for 350 usd shall i get it in 2018, help meee

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