Top 5 iOS Apps – February 2018

Top 5 iOS Apps – February 2018


In this video, we take a look at yet another set of awesome iOS apps for the month of February 2018.

Hooked –

App in the Air –

Timepage –

Alto’s Odyssey –

Confide –


  1. do you have a screensaver on your iPhone X?

  2. Since when did they start doing monthly payments for apps like this ? I rather pay one time and thats it smh

  3. Why are the app icons square? It’s really weird

  4. Look forward to this every month wish you could do more apps

  5. "…a ELEVEN dollar a year membership" made my grammar skin crawl.

  6. I could use some subscribers! I make videos every week! #Help

  7. That's a textbook, get it?

  8. What screen protector are you using?

  9. Settings is my favourite app.

  10. why dont u just lay the phone flat on table. much easier to see

  11. Simply hooked to ur list..👍

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