Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives


These are the top 5 free software alternatives to Microsoft Office. In this video, I will show you the best free office suites. These useful and amazing free software computer programs can help you get the most use out of your PC. Hopefully you enjoy these very useful software alternatives that are the best alternatives to other software.


5 Free Software That Are Great:

Google Docs:
WPS Office 2016 Free:
FreeOffice 2016:

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  1. Hi TechGumbo, As you must agree that PDFs are ubiquitous, please create a video pertaining to Alternatives to Adobe Reader or Acrobat. It will help many people. Thanks in advance and God Bless you all….

  2. I use an old version of Word 2010 because I like the "replace word" function in the spell check, does anyone know a free alternative that has this type of functionality? It is really good to be able to right-click for suggestions and then "teach" the pc corrections to commonly mistyped words.

  3. What about Lotus Smart-Suite?

  4. Which one is better???? Please help me……

  5. How did you miss Onlyoffice ?

  6. The formula editor "Math" in Libre Office and Open office is far greater than that one in MS Office – that is, when get used to it.

  7. Forgot about the most powerful one? LaTex?

  8. Libre Office and install Microsoft fonts. Done.

  9. Nice video! thx bro

  10. You may not have heard of WPS, but nowadays you must have heard of Xiaomi. The CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun, is also the founder of Kingsoft and WPS.

  11. So are there any that work best with furigana, english together? Word is a pain, it still does work though.

  12. Thank you so much, these were really good options.

  13. Ive tried the #1 option- LibreOffice, however it doesnt keep the MS office WORD formatting.

  14. LibreOffice on ChromeOS Draw has wasted about 7 hours of my time

  15. weather these softwares are working through internet or not?

  16. HUGE thumbs up.This helped so much! Thanks again.

  17. Libre office is best. It can do anything what ms office do and its free

  18. What options are available for a chrome book? I really just want excel

  19. Well, I just learned that LibreOffice has support for Google Drive thanks to this; Now it's even cooler.

    If I have a complaint about LibreOffice it's that your documents won't have the modern look Microsoft Word could give nowadays, but if you mess with the styles of everything you add and use "area"/transparency often, it can look pretty good! I'm using it to make my game's "instruction booklet".

  20. wowowowowowowwowowowowowowowow

  21. At work, we have a 'mixed' environment, with Windows PC's and Macs. All PC's are running Microsoft Office, but the Macs have to make do with LibreOffice.
    Not a bad application, and you can't really complain since it's free, but there are ALWAYS (repeat: ALWAYS) problems when exchanging files with Microsoft Office users, whether it's on Mac or PC (layout messed up in Word and Powerpoint, formulas and macros not working in Excel, etc. – and vice versa of course). Moreover, LibreOffice's interface looks horrible, there's no system UI/UX integration at all (I've got Office 2016 on my home Mac, boy, what a difference).

    All these free alternatives are nice, good to tinker with for home users, but not much else. And not even then, because my kids sometimes work on Powerpoint presentations at school, bring them home to finish the work, only to find their layout totally messed up in LibreOffice).
    I've used LibreOffice on every platform, from PC to Linux to Mac, and just like Linux, it's a nice, good working piece of software, but that's just what it is. I'm not against open source software, on the contrary, I applaud it. I tinker with Linux and open source software on an older PC, and it's getting better every day. But unless it can be integrated seamlessly in a working environment, I'm not interested…

  22. LibreOffice: It's not handling a PDF files good. It messing them up where pictures should be. WPS handling them good….

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