Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS – Edit Photos Like a Pro

Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS – Edit Photos Like a Pro


Apple’s iPhones take some impressive pictures, and they get better every year. Even though Apple has refused to go above the 8-megapixel threshold, the company’s smartphones—going back to the iPhone 4—take some of the cleanest, sharpest images in mobile. Not the very best, but close.

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Top 5 Camera Apps for Android:

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  1. Anyone knows if there is an app where you can put background music on photo???

  2. guys i make quality content please check out if you have some free time

  3. i wanted to record, but the iphone camera has no pause button. and i wanted camera apps that had record button and pause button.

  4. guys I have a video on a free video editing app for iOS I just uploaded check it out

  5. Can you review the Picsart app?

  6. All I need is a app where you crop something and the things you didn't crop you can change colour that's it!

  7. That water bottle thooooo

  8. Should of left links to apps

  9. FlipShare is an awesome app that came out recently! Check it out. It can use finger pressure to take photos & videos!

  10. All I need is a simple high resolution camera that takes full advantage of my iPhone 5s camera.

  11. I can't find vsco cam anywhere

  12. Any apps for pictures over lapping?

  13. This app is amazing. I can make any picture a polaroid and its FREE on IOS
    The filters were made by celebrity photographer Patrick Hoelck, he also recored commentary about his polaroids in the book section, the book is four bucks but it has over 45 stories in his own word REALLY COOL feature

  14. grgbs Tanki…..!!!
    Thanx alot .

  15. Anyone know any good apps for taking lots of pics at once?

  16. Manual camera is not found in Playstore

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