Top 5 Best iPhone Games/Apps of 2013

Top 5 Best iPhone Games/Apps of 2013


Here are my top 5 must have best iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps and games for the upcoming 2013 year as well as 2012 in general. Hope you guy’s enjoy!


  1. Who is watching on iphone7?

  2. Who is watching this video in 2016?

  3. next time add the names of the games on the video or discription.

  4. Add five nights at freddys

  5. Does any one like candy crush?

  6. Where is bloons tower defence 5 and clash of clans?!?!??!!???

  7. where is the name of the waether app

  8. Pitfall was for the atari

  9. Did you use to record this

  10. lmao "its way much more better"

  11. 139,600th view xD I'm pooping <3

  12. actually i dont get quit every game,u speak unclear and u frogot also to mentioned the name of the weather app,.nex time wirite it down in your info,

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  16. "It's way much more better"

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  18. hill climb racing is finnish game!

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  20. Where was clash of clans

  21. what the name of weather app

  22. I love hill climbing so addictive

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  24. Way much more better – wow did you even go to school

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