Top 10 Must Have Android Apps 2013 : Best Android Apps #19

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps 2013 : Best Android Apps #19


Top 10 Android Apps for this Month , December 2013. A whole new series of Best Android Apps and Games starting this Jan 2nd 2014. Stay subscribed !

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Apps in this Video :
(00:19)Flesky :
(01:55)Snappy :
(03:01)Dodol Locker :
(04:22)Switchr :
(05:18)Somnote :
(06:19)Espier Dialer :
(06:55)Animoto :
(07:58)App APK Creator :
(08:54)Call Popout :
(09:37)Ease Backup :
(10:25)Piano For You :


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  1. Do you know a screen locker which will unlock by typing the present time or date.
    can u please tell me that app's name.

  2. Nice video dude 🙂 It helps me a lot finding a good app

  3. What pen are you using in the middle of the video?

  4. Good . nice appz . thank u 

  5. Sense you all are gonna be visiting the play store you should download adybird you can find by searching for adybird in the play store it's also the first game I developed.

  6. What about new immersive apps?
    Check this:
    Are you ready to develop with using of this new concept?

  7. how do you have so much money to get all the awesome phones man….

  8. this helped me thnx bro

  9. nice video but your voice is VERY boring

  10. can you suggest some apps that can backup our contact

  11. can you suggest some apps that can backup our contact

  12. ehy what's the best app to track habits for android? for ios there are and taasky which are great, simple and beautiful, but for android i found only ugly ones and ones that require too many passages. do you have any suggestion on that?

  13. plz  learn to pronounce words

  14. Superb Bro. ..
    Continue your job Thanks. ..

  15. Hi prabhat i was all mad looking for a black keyboard that i could use as a default i realy like flesky

  16. why kind i kind one phone channel with a reviewer that doesn't have an accent

  17. Nice video, love ur description!

  18. Always you have a good things
    Thx for you

  19. Wow these are awesome! Thanks for showing these to me! Keep up the good work

  20. i like you channel ….. plzz also tell which app is free n paid…thanks

  21. Mobile Alarm System! still the most useful app!

  22. great video man, always like watcing your vids, great apps for my android!

  23. Video is very use full thanks for give such best app

  24. What is the name of app used for custom dialer

  25. I like the list of apps here. Most of them are very useful for me though they are really useful apps XD

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