Top 10 iOS Apps of May 2017!

Top 10 iOS Apps of May 2017!


We’ve compiled a ‘Top 10’ list of our favorite iOS apps to hit the App Store in May 2017. The apps highlighted in this video include Google Assistant, Fidget Spinner, Audm, Starry, Fastlane: Road to Revenge, Blink, Punchline, Sleep Orbit, Hanx Writer, and Jeopardy: World Tour. Which app is your favorite?

Google Assistant:
Fidget Spinner:
Fastlane: Road to Revenge:
Sleep Orbit:
Hanx Writer:
Jeopardy: World Tour:

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  1. Don't forget we've placed links in the description to download each app mentioned in this video! 🙂

  2. I found a cool app that makes your phone yell when its moved, you can make it also ring when its moved so its less weird. But its kinda funny, and actually kinda helpful at keeping people from moving your phone without you knowing. Its called yelling phone. link below if you want it, or you can just search for it in the play store.

  3. I freakin love sleep orbit since im a big audio nerd

  4. Google Assistant only available in US store? I can't find it in Malaysian store.

  5. Google Assistant | 00:12 | Fidget Spinner | 00:37 | Audm | 01:03 |
    Starry | 01:28 | Fastlane | 01:48 | Blink |02:16 |
    Punchline | 02:39 | Sleep Orbi | 03:12 |
    Hanx Writer | 03:39 | Jeopardy | 04:03 |

    Thank me later.

  6. Top Apps for May!
    1. Google Assistant – A noteworthy addition to the App Store. Really big!
    2. Fidget Spinner App – ….annnd this video is a complete fucking waste of time. I thought you were doing the top apps for may, not "really popular garbage".

  7. Kind cookie no take stupid better in schedule.

  8. I'm glad Blink was featured. Made it's way to my main home page almost immediately. I'm a big fan of that developer and have bought all of their apps.

  9. Shit this Channel Has Rabies

  10. The google assistant isn't out in the UK I think, can't find it on the app store 🙁

  11. May coming to an end = my exams are starting 😔

  12. Stopped the video at Fidget Spinner. Seriously, wtf?

  13. Google Assistant is trash. All of these applications were useless.

  14. I love these monthly app videos. Honestly. But out of all the useful and nice apps available within the AppStore, a fidget spinner made the top 10?

  15. When you can't afford a fidget spinner so you download an app for it instead 😂

  16. What keyboard are you using?

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