Top 10 Best Must Have Android Apps | Samsung Galaxy S8

Top 10 Best Must Have Android Apps | Samsung Galaxy S8


New apps that adds new features to your phone. Definately try these apps and see how it changes the way you use your phone.

Themes Playlist :
Wallpapers : ,

App List:

0:45 1) Zooper Widget —-
1:47 2) Power Director —-
2:46 3) Zoho Notebook —–
3:33 4) Cinema fv5 ——–
4:28 5) Flynx ————-
5:05 6) Timely ————
5:50 7) Tasker ————
7:01 8) Weather Forecast —
7:39 9) DoubleTwist ——-

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  1. Ohhh.. a widget….not a

  2. Yes finally a media player that works great. So happy to hear about Double Twist.

  3. Can u do a setup video of the Star Wars wallpaper

  4. 2. Star wars wallpaper link??

  5. Is that a wireless speaker at the beginning changing colours?

  6. I don't mean to be disrespectful but your English is awful and you speak to fast with bad English I couldn't understand half of what you were saying.

  7. DeviceCustomizer Can you make a video for the stormtrooper setup please?

  8. whats the star trooper theme called?

  9. what is the name of the intro track?

  10. Where to download the wallpaper ?

  11. Does anyone else think he has the perfect voice for a creapypasta

  12. I hate myself that I can not give more than 1 (one) dislike.

  13. This is by far the best looking theme I ever come across 😍

  14. what is the app that your using for that icon pack? plz let me know!

  15. I thought thought you said super wizard

  16. For the people who like the screensaver on the pin it is called splash 17.

  17. first of all this is so boring second I came here only for the wallpaper. he deserves a dislike

  18. What's the widget called at 0:16?

  19. I just came to find out where to get that wallpaper in the beginning.

  20. What the name of the song that playin on the background

  21. how can I install the same theme widget and wallpaper on my s8 ?? @devicecustomizer

  22. how can i get the stormtrooper theme?

  23. wow he flimed this video with only 7% of battery life… That's amazing

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