Top 10 Best Games For Windows Mixed Reality Headsets | Best Windows Mixed Reality Games

Top 10 Best Games For Windows Mixed Reality Headsets | Best Windows Mixed Reality Games


You just got your new Windows MR headset and now you want to know which are the best games to get! In this video I recommend you my top 10 best games that you can play with Windows Mixed Reality headsets!

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The Lab –

Sprint Vector –

Superhot VR –

Arizona Sunshine –

Star Trek Bridge Crew –

Doom VFR –

Gorn –

Raw Data –

Fallout 4 VR –

Rec Room –

My Pimax-Ready VR Rig:

GTX 1080ti (but will likely be replaced by 2080ti at one point, made sure to make this 2080ti ready)

Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming Mainboard

Intel Core i7 8700k Processor

32GB DDR4 Ram (G.Skill Ripjaws)

1 TB Samsung SSD NVMe

4TB Seagate HDD

Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout Case

Seasonice 850W Focus Plus Power Supply

be quiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler


  1. Dude you helped me pick the Best MR head set Lenovo Explorer i love your channel…..

  2. I was trippin becus idk worried if I can handle it

  3. I got my mixed headset but had to send it to a we to get fixed cause when plugged in and I’m games it show black screen in headset

  4. Wait what gorn isn't supported for Mixed reality….
    But ive played it and it works fine, strange.

  5. Do you recommend me an explorer for 400 dollars? I live in Chile and I have to pay shipping and taxes. ( an oculus rift would cost me 800)

  6. I see on steam some games such as Gorn aren’t available for MR sooo how did you do it

  7. Playing Racket NX on Samsung. It looks amazing, and the sound and action are fantastic. This game is like stepping into Tron or a pinball machine.

  8. Beat Saber is my addiction 🙂

  9. Stuff like Gorn for example, will it still work even though steam says it is not compatible with MR headsets

  10. just get a vive. i only have one because of a vr ready deal i got on my pc

  11. Where is Job Simulator!!! I think that is the most fun game I have played to date and it is the first game I always use to show people VR.

  12. These are all VR titles -aren't there any specific MR/AR games that use the Win Mr headset cams??

  13. These aren't WMR games, these are Steam games. What about your picks for games within the Windows Mixed Reality store natively?

  14. Gorn And Fallout VR are not for WMR only VIVE

  15. i found rec room and now i dont play anything else dam that game is so addictive

  16. I really considered buying Lenovos Mixed Reality Headset, and after watching this made my decision even easier, gonna buy it soon!
    So Thanks for the great videos! 😀

  17. I ordered the Odyssey. I am kind of not looking to spend much money right now so I am just looking for games under $10 or maybe wait till they go on sale. The free games will be good for now to try out though. Maybe next Steam sale they will have some games 60%-85% off. It's too bad if you have SuperHot basic version they don't let you have the VR version of it.

  18. These Game lists are very helpful! You should make more of these!

  19. Great video😁Keep up the good work

  20. A big Nope! RAW DATA and DOOM VFR don't deserve a place in Top Ten bracket at all! I have many other great games to enjoy in my CyberGoggle. I never refunded both of them but don't like playing any of these 2 titles.

  21. When first discovering your channel, I thought you'd just be another low quality tech reviewer, but I was happily surprised to see that you actually delivered relevant and in-depth commentary. Really dig your stuff, man, keep up the phenomenal work.

  22. Should check out OVERTURN, can download a free demo from the Microsoft store. Its 29.99 on Steam and honestly a pretty fun mix of melee, FPS and some puzzle solving in a anime type setting.

  23. For those interested in a WMR compatible Flight Simulator, Aerofly Flight Simulator 2 is an excellent choice, and can be operated using the VR controllers via "blue hands". It's available on SteamVR. Perhaps Sebastian could also do a review of simulator type software that is WMR compatible.

  24. Here are 5 more games I would choose for sure (with links):
    The Gallery – Episode 1- Call of the Starseed:
    The Gallery – Episode 2-Heart of the Emberstone:
    Wave Magic VR:
    Lucky's Tale (Oculus title played with Revive):

    These are the games I agree with.
    Superhot VR
    Arizona Sunshine
    Doom VFR
    Raw Data
    Fallout 4 VR

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