Top 10 Best Free VR Apps & Games for Windows Mixed Reality / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive on SteamVR

Top 10 Best Free VR Apps & Games for Windows Mixed Reality / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive on SteamVR


You just got your brand new Virtual Reality headset and you are all broke! No more money for apps and games! But no problem, here are the very best free VR apps & games for your Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive on SteamVR!

How to play SteamVR games on Windows MR headsets:

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Top 5 Free VR Apps:

– Google Earth VR

– Bigscreen

– Facebook Spaces

– Mindshow

– Skybox

Top 5 Best Free VR Games

– The Lab

– Accounting

– AltspaceVR

– VRChat

– Rec Room

My Pimax-Ready VR Rig:

GTX 1080ti (but will likely be replaced by 2080ti at one point, made sure to make this 2080ti ready)

Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming Mainboard

Intel Core i7 8700k Processor

32GB DDR4 Ram (G.Skill Ripjaws)

1 TB Samsung SSD NVMe

4TB Seagate HDD

Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout Case

Seasonice 850W Focus Plus Power Supply

be quiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler


  1. Thanks for sharing 😉 Have you check out the VeeR VR before? How is it?

  2. Starts at 1:33 —>This guy loves hearing himself repeat the same stuff

  3. Gal Gun VR is number 1 on my list of VR games. Gal Gun VR is compatible with all VR Headsets.

  4. A quick question, I'm 66years old and getting ready to purchase a computer for VR use. With a budget of $2000.00 more or less do you have any recommendation on which make and model I should buy. I'm a "Buy it once" kind of guy. Loved your review of the Occulus vs Samsung Oddessy, so I'm buying the Samsung. Oh by the way, I'll be in Bork on August 2018. Cheers…Zam

  5. I thought Rec room was good until I noticed too many young kids in there being annoying. I wish they had a two separate ones to have people under a certain age playing together and people older playing together. Would work out better that way I think.

  6. Hey Seb, huge VR sale on Steam This week! What can you recommend from what's on sale now! 4/19/18 Make a new video??!!Thanks – Ryan

  7. Best VR Games: Lists 3 Social Games like VR Chat Altspace and Facebook Space😂

  8. Hey Sebastian I really love your videos about WMR and i found something to protect WMR controllers
    Can you check it out?

  9. Like, but too much talking. You repeat the same sentences for two, three or even four times. It is annoying, and need to be patient listening you

  10. Can't belive windows mixed reality and sim racing is so much better then htc vive and oculas rift after Tuesday's update on windows locked 90 frames every sim gameI play

  11. Great video! Did you try Bigscreen with Mixed Reality headset? None of controls work for me, just head tracking….

  12. Sebastian, thanks for this review. I'm downloading 3 of your recommendations. Are you aware of any VR car racing sims that allow for steering and shifting using the VR touch controllers? Thanks.

  13. How do you teleport in rec room with a WMR headset?

  14. Your "you found the right video, because ….." it's the best sales pitch. After seen 3 of your videos and agreeing with that phrase I subscribed to your channel.

  15. I tried to share this with you during the last stream but you it seems like it didn’t reach you. It’s a vr controller part of R&D at Microsoft

  16. I keep trying to get Facebook spaces on my mixed reality headset. I’ve downloaded in oculus and tried to open it in revive and it won’t load just crashes all the time.

  17. Nice recap, other than the usual I will add some nice flight sim like War Thunder or DCS World that for online are massive (since those are cross play with people from flat screen), and for graphics and some sword play Valkyrie Blade VR it's a great game and totally worth a try!

  18. Oooh, mine made it on the list, yay

  19. i use Rec Room in psvr on my pro its alot of fun and a good place to just hangout

  20. I just joined MRTV Discord and posted a suggestion for a secure case to store and travel with my Acer WMR headset and controllers. It fits nicely and should be capable of handling other manufacturer's WMR headsets.

  21. 2 of them I tried and are really bad but rec room ftw

  22. Good stuff as always.. I have like 4 of the 10 you reference. And they are great.. Even for Free..

  23. Thank you Man! i was searching for good reviews of wmr headsets and you was the only one! i just ordered my Lenovo Explorer from france because even if from usa it was cheaper i'm not sure about security and taxes that i have to pay. And now that i am broke AF because i spent like 350€ i will play a lot of these free games, thanks again for helping me!

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