Top 10 Best Apps for the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 – 2014

Top 10 Best Apps for the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 – 2014


Sit back and watch our Senior Editor introduce you to the absolute best apps for the Surface from the Windows Store. These apps are great on your Windows tablet or Desktop, and take full advantage of your excellent hardware.

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  1. Thank bro I just got the surface rt the original version as a tablet I can used for school and so far it good even as of now in 2018 which only cost me under 90 dollars that look like a expensive device.

  2. Does the Microsoft Surface have an android appstore?

  3. Well done, very useful video 👍

  4. I was wondering if you could help me with an issue on my Surface Pro 2.  I refreshed my tablet and lost the ability to watch video's on Facebook or the ones on the internet from links on Facebook posts.   What do I need to do/download to be able to watch videos again.   Thanks.

  5. hyper is not showing up on the app store

  6. any good video editing apps?

  7. great thanks…helps negotiate the maze

  8. Thanks for the info definitely made a subscriber today and helping with the transition from Mac to Windows

  9. Hey I just got the Surface 2 and looked for Bing Translator but can't find it as a free app???
    Are they charging for it now ?
    Can only find Bing Translate Pro @ $12

  10. Will project free tv work on Surface 2 with Windows RT?

  11. Really totes enjoyed the review, you just got a sub sir!

  12. Any app. Like Hootsuite? Something that allows me to post on multiple social sites with one click.

  13. Can we install PHP, apache and mysql to the surface (XAMPP)?????

  14. I dont quite understand how you hook it to your tv and play, i didnt see any plug…. well considering i didnt watch the whole video i might have missed something.

  15. Desperately waiting for my Surface 2 to arrive from Microsoft, these videos are a great help in preperation. Thanks.

  16. In the Hyper Youtube app, is it possible to sort a channel's videos by latest to earliest, earliest to latest, and most popular? That seemed like the only thing lacking from it, and it's a feature I use in my browser quite often.

  17. Mint is not available in Abu Dhabi. It does not show in window store. crap.

  18. What kind of database can I use when I develop a web page project?
    Actually I use for example Code Writer App for my codes and XAMPP as database, but for Surface 2 XAMPP is not compatible

  19. Great video sir. Admire the hardworking and passion you put in your videos. Been watching since I got my surface rt. Grateful this channel exists. Keep up the great work!

  20. Tweetium doesnt come up on the Windows store… does it only shows in some countries and not in others?

  21. Prime Tube is another very good YouTube app. Better than Hyper for me.

  22. I am having surface 2 can u please tell me what can i do with jailbreak in this and can u please tell is there chance to have bluestacks in this

  23. Awesome video! Must see for all new and seasoned Surface owners! Also – thanks +Windows RT Source for sharing my video!  

  24. Hyper lets you download as well at whatever quality setting you want.

  25. I know Hyper may be more comprehensive and more complete. But Touche is so good for watching YouTube videos while having a slow internet connection. And I am not sure if you know, but you can actually save the videos to your Surface for offline viewing. It is just amazing.

  26. Thanks for great information!

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