THL W5 Android Smartphone Review – the best dual SIM smartphone we’ve found so far

THL W5 Android Smartphone Review – the best dual SIM smartphone we’ve found so far


Our hands-on review of the king of dual SIM Android smartphones, the THL W5 Android handset.

The phone comes with an impressive range of features for a budget smartphone, including 1GHz processor, a 4.7 inch 1280×720 HD touchscreen, Android 4.0, HSDPA, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, plus an 8 megapixel camera and support for microSD card memory storage.

The product is also notable for a fully fledged dual SIM management system which makes simultaneous dual SIM use a pleasure. Make or receive calls, send or receive SMS and allocate data to either SIM as needed and instantly, no re-booting of the phone or other awkward requirements.

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  1. I don't think you can do that. I could see no adjustment setting anywhere.

  2. It lasts a good day, and in fact you can usually get two days out of it if you're not doing processor heavy stuff like video, maps or gaming.

  3. 3G definitely works, but I have not tried a specific Vodafone SIM I'm afraid. You may need to make sure you have the data SIM in the correct slot for it to work properly, and make sure you're APN details are set up properly. You could try using Tweakker (search Google Play) to do that. Hope that helps.

  4. one last question please… you know there are three round shaped circles on the front (apart from the front camera).. i know 2 are proximity sensors, but the third little one on the left end? is it a notification light ? i really hope so…

  5. thank you… i got mine today! it has 2 scratches on the back cover unfortunately…but apart from that works just fine…. one question.. how do I make the three bottom soft buttons to light up brighter ? their backlit is pretty poor (my phone is white)

    thank you!

  6. No, only one SIM has the 3G connection.

  7. I find this site (may be interesting): magnetic field sensor -yes, gyroscope -no (but has Orientation Sensor+Accelerometer)
    I think the Gyroscope measures the Angular velocity (radians/second). Unlike an accelerometer, which measures the linear acceleration of the device, a gyroscope measures the orientation directly.
    So I think if I had an Orientation Sensor + Accelerometer then I have a Gyroscope.

    Website: forum(dot)china-iphone(dot)ru/­datchiki-smartfona-opisanie-pr­ednaznachenie-t22012.html

  8. Does it have gyroscope and magnetic field sensor? This website says yes but I want to know it is true or not. So if somebody tested please share with us.
    w w w (dot)i-love-electronic(dot)com/thl-w5-47-inch-mtk6577-1ghz-dual-core-dual-sim-android-40-os-p-328.html

  9. How much to you in English?

  10. can you just use it w/ 1 sim card??? please respond. (My guess is it does)

  11. thank you very much.. would you reccomend this phone ?

  12. I switch between the Nova launcher and the stock THL Android home screen.

  13. one question… at minute 6 your dock icons look just like android icons..but as soon as you finish demonstrating the dual sim sms feature and go back to home screen they look different (same as when u turned on the phone at the beginning of this video)

    do you know why ?

  14. O melhor é o Thl W7, porque a bateria dura muito mais, pois tem 2000 mAh.
    Já o Lg L7 tem 1700 mAh, sem falar que o hardware do Thl W7 é muito mais potente!

  15. The review should give you the idea. 🙂

  16. Video is OK, 3G works fine in the UK. Sometimes there's a bit of lag while it syncs, but that's kind of normal I think.

  17. i just brought 1 have u had any problems with urs yet /

  18. Whats the video recoding quality? And hows the 3G like in the uk

  19. Total Score – 5215
    CPU 2608, RAM 1209, GPU 1008, i/O 390.

  20. Oi. quero saber ql é o melhor e por que? Lg L7 ou ThL W7 ??

  21. Hi red ferret,how is antutu scores? Can you test it?

  22. Hello, what do you think of the performance of the phone? Touch sensitivity, processing speed, signal reception and sound … I found it very presentable. And you?

  23. Does it have a magnetic field sensor?

  24. Ohh that's great!! one more question though.. Both the SIM can lock to GSM bands but only second locks to 3G…is that right??

  25. As far as I can tell the IMEI number is genuine, but I am only going on the fact that it works fine with the two SIM cards I have used so far. Sorry I cannot be more specific.

  26. thanks for the excellent review. do you know if the IMEI number they have is genuine or valid?I have ordered one already but haven't got hold of it. But i m not scared as in my country the regulator is very strict and blocks the phone immediately.

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