The Special OnePlus 6 You Never Knew Existed…

The Special OnePlus 6 You Never Knew Existed…


This video features every OnePlus 6 smartphone. The OnePlus 6 in Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White and of course the ultra rare OnePlus 6 Avengers edition. Given the choice, which one of these OnePlus 6 smartphones would you choose?



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  1. Which one would you choose?

  2. Why didn’t you tell us anything usefull about the phone???

  3. Too bad you didn't have the red one at the time. That one looks the best.

  4. hah i laughed my ass of, on this one 😀

  5. Lewis please give me anyone of this. .☺

  6. This phone……. I'm Having it!!!!!!

  7. @Unboxfactory Please distribute to us all that are unboxed items… 😩

  8. Watching this on the avengers edition…

  9. I want one plus 6. Please send me

  10. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😌

  11. Nice colour silk white i love it.

  12. This is uploaded on my birthday so can I get likes and subs

  13. Will this ever be available in Italy? Or at least in Europe?

  14. your house would be filled with phones

  15. Bro pls give me oneplus6 pls

  16. can i have one hmm T.T i want it badly

  17. Can i have one of those photos which you have
    In particular avengers infinity war edition mobile

  18. I want to know why you never did the full run down on the phone like you said and test the phone and stuff.

  19. (Clicks on video)

    (Sees Avengers logo)


  20. Does this survive the snap?

  21. Silk White all day, too 🔥🔥🔥 not to get.

  22. Does that phone Made of vibranium

  23. One plus used to be a flagship killer but they are putting less effort into phones now, coming out with one every few months it seems like.

  24. It's only available in INDIA n CHINA

  25. I prefer mirror black for me, wearing in transparent case must look very good.

  26. Love you from India 😍😍🇮🇳

  27. Until I can get it on Verizon wireless in the USA, it doesn’t apply to me and is only a tease 🙁

  28. This was advertised a lot when it releases. Why are they paying you so much eh?

  29. I think thy should copy Huawei, purple/blue/black… omg, something like that

  30. infinity War… Is the best. I want it!!

  31. Why you screeming like some one put stick in your ass? We don't need to know you like that.

  32. mirror black.. mmm i like the glassy finish

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