The Nokia Lumia 1520 Long Term Review! (AT&T Edition)

The Nokia Lumia 1520 Long Term Review! (AT&T Edition)


It’s a BEAST! Let’s take a look at the best Windows Phone experience you can land on AT&T!
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  1. Can u tell me please what the buttons on downside like back,search and home are called???
    Mine are broken.I m searching online but I m unable to find.

  2. I remember when I helped TA this device. I miss it…it was awesome.

  3. I had a 925 Lumia. The camera was fantastic. What was the last model of the lumia?

  4. Hello again. Are "home tiles" considered the same as "app memory"? I'm trying to lower my storage to update to 10. I'm using 8.1 , which isn't being supported by Microsoft anymore. What if I add n SD card? How will that work then? Thanks.

  5. Hello. I still have the 1520 want to add an SD Card. (I've never done that). How will that work with storage of data etc, and saving etc??. Thanks

  6. It's 2017 and I love my Lumia 1520. They'll have to pry this thing from my cold dead hands.


  8. One thing you fail to grasp, besides the phone itself with your small hands, is that older people have poorer eyesight and the 6" form factor helps us get stuff done by being able to see the phone better than the old 4" form factor. You are young and all you worry about is your small hands and I have small hands too. Also, I find putting the phone in an otterbox or similar protection device makes it easier to hold.

  9. 1:31 When LG meets bend tests gone right.

  10. January 2017 and my Nokia 1520 is still doing a superb job. lovely screen, battery life, UI and audio quality on earphones. And makes taking a photo an enjoyable experience, not just taking snaps.

  11. Hello. I want to add a memory card. I've been using my phone a couple of years. What will happen to the things in phone memory? Thanks

  12. can i use this phone with t-mobile ???? thanks

  13. i love it and i getting it

  14. I got mine today in the mail for 62 bucks it's awesome. I just have to replace the micro Usb port cuz the mic is broken.

  15. "We don't have a proper notification center on Windows Phone" and this 1520 runs Windows Phone 8.0… Update it to 8.1 and you'll see all the new features.

  16. is the software secure as apple and android

  17. can this be upgraded to windows 10

  18. I have been using my Lumia 1520 for more than 8 months now. I really love the phone. But I encountered a problem with the display after using the phone for about 2 months. The screen glitches suddenly; the search runs itself and apps start opening by themselves and select things. Even if I try to touch somewhere it doesn't respond and touches somewhere else by itself instead. I have seen several videos on YouTube regarding this issue. Some people call it Phantom touch issue. But I frankly don't know what the hell it really is. I really love this device, but this glitch of the scree is ruining my experience with this device.
    I would like to know if you also have encountered such a problem with your device.

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