The New Lumee Duo Phone Case Review & Demonstration! (iphone 6s gold)

The New Lumee Duo Phone Case Review & Demonstration! (iphone 6s gold)


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Hi everyone! Today I have a review and demo of the newest Lumee phone case for iphones and it is the Lumee Duo phone case! It is a phone case that features a warm LED light in the front AND the back that can enhance and brighten up your photos, videos, facetime calls and anything else you need! I’ll be demonstrating the uses for you all and giving an in depth review of my thoughts of the design, usage and more! I hope you all enjoy! #LumeeDuo #LumeeDuoReview #LumeePhoneCaseDemonstration

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  1. If u pop it out from the camera it’s a lot easier!! I have one too and yes it veryyyy hard to open but pop it out form the camera opening it’s a life saver!

  2. yo lo vendo para peru, puedes velo en mi pagina de facebook

  3. Can you put a Pop socket on it?

  4. How u take it off thro that’s my question because I have a hard time taking it off

  5. Gettingggg this! I have the regular lumee and you just convinced me to get the duo

  6. I love mine I just got it today! It’s rose gold and so pretty😝😍

  7. I used to check out equipment for my channel but NO MORE. This thing is everything

  8. You can get them from Costco too x

  9. Why when I film with the light on it blurs?

  10. thanks to your video my lumecase came out of my iphone !!

  11. Gracias a tu video pude sacar mi lumecase de mi iPhone 😂👍🏻! Thanks

  12. I like your video.. follow me @claudiabemozulagodeviana

  13. hi!!please how do you charge yours? i have the duo as well but whenever i connect it to power the blue light that's meant to show it's charging doesn't come on ? how can you tell when yours is charging ? i just want to know if it's my case that's the problem because it's only less than a month old to be acting up already. also do your lights come on once you plug them in to charge ??thank you

  14. just bought this case but it scratches like crazy 🙁 pretty annoying if you spend like 3k on it. You need like a case for the case! lol

  15. Cindy your video are my favorite 💜💙❤💛 I hope you have a great day

  16. It's easy to remove the phone from the case just pushing it through the camera hole. Takes 2 seconds.

  17. i want this case because of Kim Kardashian

  18. Thanks for the feature walkthrough! Cool to know that it dims. Just picked one up, we'll see how it does for portrait iPhoneography!

  19. Oh my god… What a naturally beautiful girl.

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