The Most Expensive iPhone I’ve Ever Seen…

The Most Expensive iPhone I’ve Ever Seen…


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24K Gold iPhone X 256GB

24K Gold Apple Watch Series 3

The 24K Gold Plated iPhone X featured in this video sells for $2000. The 24K Gold Plated Apple Watch Series 3 sells for $1300.



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  1. What's the most you've ever spent on a smartphone?

  2. Here I thought this phone was going to be something better than Apple.

  3. jerryrigs needs to durability test this

  4. Unbox therapy gave me the major case of jealousy.

  5. i got a code for YouTube red but i lost it 🙁

  6. Gold plated apple air pods anyone?

  7. So do you get to keep the phone?

  8. That’s not it is 15 million dollars and has diamond on it too

  9. Why am I watching this while I can’t even afford McDonalds?

  10. Stupid . For that cost you could get the solid gold version . Not Micron thick electroplated bullshit

  11. Apple all ready relist the iphone xs in gold and its nut just the corner but the hole phone

  12. that charger has a damn high voltage

  13. This video is fake.. Im not a basher

  14. Doesn't seems like a big deal to me

  15. Doesn't ksi have the same Iphone?I'm sure I saw the same one in one of his vlog

  16. Dam you have 12 mil subs pls be my frined jk but you have anthor sub 😀 if it helps with your 12 mil subs

  17. Unbox Therapy Reminds Me Of Tyler From Dude Perfect….

    Like If You Agree

  18. Can you give me a phone please … I dont have any phone i just borrowing my cousin's phone all the time .
    Sincerly your , your follower

  19. Electroplating objects is incredibly easy and requires very little material there's probably not even a dollar worth of gold on that phone and watch combined so this is more than a rip off

  20. I would still prefer the black and gold combination. But I’m curious lou what do you do to your devices after you unbox it? Do you keep it or sell it or something? I’m just curious 😊

  21. How much are the skullcandy headphones?

  22. Now calling hydraulic press channel

  23. Do the cricket bracelet do the cricket bracelet

  24. I need a phone any one help me. To get it.

  25. it is kind of over priced. it does not even take a quarter ounce to gold plate those thing.

  26. wonder if this golden iphone has a real saphire camera lens or still not 😀

  27. The watch was WAAAAYYY more impressive than the phone! That watch could be marketed on a Rolex level

  28. It'd most likely look better if the chargers and the phone were black with the gold accents, granted Apple does not make black chargers.

  29. I would’ve gotten black to match the gold more

  30. Your welcome to send that to me haha

  31. Or you could just paint it

  32. I can buy a house here with that money

  33. I am curious… does apple authorize this kind of customizations?

  34. I think the space grey color wood look good in 24k!😏3:03

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