The Best Wallpaper Apps for iOS!

The Best Wallpaper Apps for iOS!


It’s time for you guys to stop using your own selfies as wallpapers. It’s time to make your iOS device look lit. These, are THE best wallpaper apps for your iOS device.

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Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: Email or Twitter.

Q: What gear did you use to shoot this video with?
A: Canon 600D with 18-55 kit lens.

Q: What video editor do you use?
A: Final Cut Pro X

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  1. This isn’t a film or a short film, with the black bars

  2. wlppr is not free bad video!

  3. Are bai angrezi tu zada tez bol gya . Kute ki aulad hindi mein bat kar . Tu indian hi hai koi angrez nhi .

  4. Can u show the name for a minute……..

  5. If he talks fast try understanding jojo siwa or james charles

  6. Super cool how is your iPhone home button white

  7. Absolutely fake video

  8. You speak too fast man…

  9. What is the wallpaper from 0:24?

  10. Where can I downloaded from it .give suggestion to me.

  11. Guys I’m using an iphone 8 plus. I am unable to download any wallpapers. There is no option for save or download.

  12. I found a really cool iPhone wallpaper app MOVY WALLPAPER. It has tons of HD movie posters and very cool and useful preview function. Application link can be found at

  13. Hi, you should write the names on the description !!!

  14. Next time please provide the links in the description! Thanks!

  15. Guys give me this tower from splasher

  16. What is the wallpaper that you used in the thumbnail

  17. I can't understand shit that comes out of his mouth

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