The Best Microphone For iPhone: Rode VideoMic Me L — A Review Without Talking

The Best Microphone For iPhone: Rode VideoMic Me L — A Review Without Talking


WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES 🎧Unboxing and Reviewing the Rode VideoMic Me-L which connects to your lightning port and allows your iDevice (iPhone, iPad anything with lightning port) to record fantastic audio.

The audio in this video is recorded with Rode VideoMic Me-L. I just connected the device to my iPhone X launched the stock camera app and hit record. I also used the windscreen (deadcat) that comes with the item to avoid any wind noise.

During editing I added some volume and added the stock compressor that comes with Final Cut Pro X.

The lens on the iPhone X is Moment’s super fisheye lens.

RODE VideoMic Me-L:
Moment Lens: (you need a case)

The song is A-Ha – Take On Me.

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